The big sleep | Reviewer: Prof.H | 3/2/14

Jim is first ,an artist, a poet, a musician , a rebel against those tyrants who always have a pretext for their tyranny. Jim is standing against those people that turn the capitalist machine. The people that destroy Mother Nature are making the butterfly scream.before I slip into the big sleep, I want to hear the scream of the butterfly. It's a confirmation of his decision to journey to the other side . Death. You materialistic , condescending , non mind alternative hypocrites. You need to hear the ref blow his whistle , so you can stop running toward the field goal. To know Jim , you have to walk in his shoes. So how long have you lived without talking to your parents, how long have you lived without money, without that cell phone, computer, or television. If you d only take the time to look at the big picture. You'd hear the scream of the butterfly. P.s. It's not audible you idiot.

Sight Of The Times | Reviewer: Julio Cesar | 12/12/13

First off I most say that in order to understand that song you have to be from that Era..... Of Course I don't remember the 60's cause I was there.

I had the privilege to see most of the concerts of all those bands when they were in their prime, at least all the ones that performed in Miami Florida, sometimes more than once.

To me The Doors were and still is the best American Band of the psychedelic movement, their lyrics, tune arrangements, quality of their performance were extraordinary and not only Jim's talent, people always funnel all the attention to Morrison who "yes" like Elvis there was only one, but let's not leave out Ray, Robby & John because it was proven Jim was nothing without The Doors and The Doors were nothing w/o Jim.

That aside it was an experimental/controversial and protesting time when in our own deep way we wanted to change the world, did we succeed? in part we did in part we did not!!... but nevertheless we had a purpose.

If you watch the opening of their 1968 Hollywood Bowl live concert the music will never be over for you

Yes those times were fun and we were young then, everything that happened was a "Sight Of The Times"

Peace & Love!

metal maniac | Reviewer: nithin | 10/21/12

The doors are the band! struggled bands a great fan of this song.,jim really exposed his reality and the very rare things he wants from his mind..this song is really i called a curse to our damaging earth and peoples bad activities surrounded! jim wants to disclose as his muzic is his friend and the best choice,
he could seen man and women girls and boys are all in trance and we wants a free world of peace and democracy.he wants a real politics in his mind!! this song is pretty and he states his mind!! njoy

god of music | Reviewer: binay | 6/17/12

jimi is an amagizing person as like god of music .he is a lizard king in his ancient time .jimi ,joh lenon , janis jpolin .jimi hendrix are always alive in my heart .i think the spirit of j4 are here in my house i think .when the music is over turn of the lights

My interpretation of it.... | Reviewer: huntablunt | 6/29/11

Hi guys,

of course I am a doors fan too, and Jim really inspires me in writing sometimes. Jim was right in saying...Nothing is as eternal as poetry....why??Because the words wont change, its not like some good lyrics with a stupid melody you only listen to once....

First, I didnt really get this lyric here, but lets put some things together, that we "know" about Jim. He suffered from depression, and was a very intelligent person. I am sure he felt misunderstood, and got sick of his environment that wouldnt care about the words realy.

So, that Jim sees mankind as a blind mass, in need of help to break on through is this line here....he sees himself as someone, who is able to make them change their mind if they really William Blake says, man imprisons himself, looking through the narrow sights of his cavern.

"Cancel my subscription to the resurection
Send my credentials to the house of detention
I got some friends inside"

He doesnt want to be born another time, or stay in heaven. He always talked about the pain in life, and he had a lot of it I think. So he says cancel my subscription. Why? Being in heaven seeing the would have driven him mad. He wants to be remembered as what he was. The poet with a message.

Thst he thinks, man needs to listen, he says it perfectly in the next line....Send my credentials to the house of detention, where the house of detention is the earth, his credentials are his lyrics, and they should focus on it......he loves mankind, he says, I got some friends inside.

"when the musics over, turn off the light"

it simply means, when I am dead, let it all end...not for the world, but for him personally.

Jim was driven by music, as his bandmates stated. So, he danced on fire, as it intended. Thats what he wants for other men. It helped him break on through, so he recommends to do so.

People can try to understand you, but they never will totally. And only ourselves can free our minds, so the music is the special friend, helping to do so. As it intends, means, let it come, dont think, never mind, just go ahead, let it work when its there.

So then, there are the following lines...

The face in the mirror won't stop
The girl in the window won't drop
A feast of friends
"Alive!" she cried
Waitin' for me

In these lines, he describes the moment, when he recognizes, where "life" is, the "real life", after cleansing the doors of perception....
The face wont stop, the girl wont drop, few people, being alive, waiting outside the prison, the earth, house of detention.

About the following I am not quite sure, but as we know Jim once in High School tried to start a riot, just to see what happens, there comes the meaning......keeping in mind the peaceful hippie movement, which he critizices here a bit...

Come back, baby
Back into my arm
We're gettin' tired of hangin' around
Waitin' around with our heads to the ground

They get tired of doing nothing against what is wrong, just focussing on being one with mother earth. But how is that possible, while mother earth is ravaged and plundered. Jim says he was inspired by dead ghosts of indians.

Indians have the attitude to live along with nature, AND that you fail too, even if you live right for yourself, but do nothing against the bad things happening arround you.

So he says......we want the world now, which sinply means....lets get up, lets do something, lets shout out what we want to change, to be heard. As he says in five to one...

They got the guns, but we got the numbers...

I hope you can follow these thought, if you would like to write me a mail, to chat or discuss whatever you like, feel free to do so...

and to finish, I will put one of my poems here, which I was inspired to write, by this wonderufl poet....

Lead me

Lead me
drive me
show me
I wanna
know the
hidden secrets

feel fire
through my vain
again, again

Send me
on journeys
to unknown
We dont need
no atorneys
we need

our nation
is sick
of lies and suffer
arrive here
my offer
is to follow
I promise
life without sorrow

borrow time
while in a hurry
leyve the earth
and simply carry
all you have
to unknown coasts

listen to the voice of ghosts

they dont want posesments
they only tell
what wind blew
right into hell
So listen to the spell
transform your prison
and be well
isnt it great
to know not to fail?

my interpretation | Reviewer: huntablunt | 6/29/11

btw, I forgot to tell what he probably means by saying

"Befor Isink into the big sleep I want to hear the scream of the butterfly"

it means, that he wishes to see mankind standing up and fighting against te exploiters etc. He sees mankind still in his cocoon, waiting to be transformed into something beautiful(here the butterfly) which does something that actually isnt hear his scream, meaning, mankind fighting against....

Jim MOrrison is the gratest of all time | Reviewer: abi montoya | 3/10/11

I love da Doors since da first time a heard them....sometimes i wish that those times will be back & have fun with good type of music:)Now my cousin call me Ms. Mojo Risin

RUN WITH ME!!!!! 03/03/11<3

Perspective | Reviewer: NOFAN | 11/9/10

First and foremost I’m a huge Doors fan and have been since the 60’s. I saw their last live performance at the Warehouse in New Orleans where I reside it was December 1970, I can’t recall the date. But let’s try to keep things in perspective. Jim Morrison was 27 when he died in 1971 and he had no great insights into life or reality or any of it. He managed to capture and reflect a moment in time from a very unique perspective in lyrics and music and was able to leverage that into a lucrative but very short career. I’m trying to avoid any metaphysical component to this but my feeling is he totally exhausted his life-force in his 27 years where it may take the rest of us a lifetime. Unfortunately many of his other lyrics reflect a deeply troubled person. To take this song and try to glean some deep insight from it is probably a mistake and I think the fist person who would confirm this were he able is Jim Morrison. Keep it in perspective.

classic song | Reviewer: Mike | 9/11/10

Jim Morrisson was famously taken lsd, went to isolated locations and wrote poetry. It was all about altering his consciousness and describing his perceptions during the lsd trip. This song is a sample, an experience of that trip, that's why these lyrics are capturing the odience, even when sometimes there is no connection and sequence between the verses; he captures what becomes alive in his mind and delivers it in to the open. Depth is magic.

Maybe | Reviewer: David | 6/26/10

I think the song is about what it's like when music leaves our lives and we are called to the "real world".
So " before I sink, into the big sleep. I want to hear the scream of the butterfly" is actually a comment from the after math. The after math being the one who is doing all those things to our fair sister. The one who has no music to dance to. The one who knows that they can still hear a very gentle sound. Very near yet, very far. Very soft, yet very clear.

When The Music's Over | Reviewer: Dark Sarcasm | 1/23/10

"Before I sink into the big sleep...I want to hear...the scream of the butterfly"

Maybe before he dies he wants to hear something for which isn't possible. I wonder if a butterfly can scream? Maybe he was giving reference to the opera "Madama Butterfly". I guess we will never know. Rest in peace Jim.

Before I die I gotta get laid pa! | Reviewer: R. Warwick | 1/13/09

'before i sink into the big sleep .. i want to hear .. the screams of the butterfly'

Meaning: Before I die I very much want to see this porno flick.

I've no idea what porno flick that could possibly refer to but apparently it meant so much to the man that he released butterflies into the air as some kind of publicity stunt. Doubt this had much to do with the Kafka novel "metamorphosis" as this was nasty - the protagonist waking up as some kind of cockroach, or disgusting thing like that. Money's on the porno flick but just why it could be such an important thing to see before dying I have to admit totally eludes me.

actually | Reviewer: Jim Morrison | 12/12/08

If you look at the song, you can see that I had a vague idea for a song where I wanted to connect the human experience, namely what it is to be alive, with the recognition of beauty and that without beauty in the world you are basically dead. The middle section of the song was just me freestyling using some bits and pieces I had for some other numbers but after doing it in the studio, it seemed to stick and so there you have it.


An age of greatness | Reviewer: Seth | 12/11/08

I absolutely love this song, i agree with the opinions above, and must say this is musical theater at its peak along with "The End." I rarely go a day without listening to The Doors. I only wish i could've been around to see them live.

Save us, Jesus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/08

Why do you suppose that Jim screamed "Save us Jesus"?. Did he realize that Jesus of Nazareth was the Son of God who will judge the world at the end of time? Is this not the climax of the song before it softens and goes back to the chorus?