a bittersweet song | Reviewer: Charlie B | 5/28/12

Jim is speaking to the music.

The universal mind, is simply collective society, its norms, what it expects from people, how society lives and works.

He was doing fine. He was in school - the place society said he should be. He was writing his poetry - turning keys and setting people free, with his words (or so he hoped.... or probably experienced first hand).

Then came music, his friends became Ray, Robbie, John, Bruce, Paul. The Doors had a heavy touring schedule. He was on the road with music, felt alone... "with his suitcase and a song".

In that loneliness, he sought solace, comfort, in the seemingly endless stream of women that seem to be associated with a big name touring musical group.

As the Freedom Man, he is saying that he traveled outside of the universal mind, outside society, and he feels lucky at being able to do that.

Doors | Reviewer: Andrea | 2/3/11

This one I've heard for the first time today.I'm not here to disect this song but I'm thinking what he means by "I was turning keys setting people free" is that by performing he was releasing anger,demons etc you know setting them free."Then you came along with a suitcase and a song" here maybe that means business got to him.Like it wasn't free like he had to do what he did."And a song" here maybe he realized how Ray,Robby and John were thinking up songs and he was fading and couldn't.Cause of his drinking.Read Riders on the Storm its a book by John Densmore the drummer from the Doors.Its the real story.I"m almost done with it."I was feeling fine" well this means that he was feeling fine and everything was okay then it started to just flop."I'm the freedom man" here it probably means he know hes free to do what he wants.Hes a rockstar.

Love ya Jim!Hope death is swell!

This is a great site.(By the way.) When I come I get the lyrics thats all I want.Every single time I come here for lyrics thats what I get.I don't get advertisements popping up the whole time and not wanting to exit out.Thanks sing 365!