l | Reviewer: Lizard's Padawan | 8/23/11

My interpretation of this song is that Jim tries to show the contrast that happened during the vietname war. While some unknown guys died for the USA, the politicians and the higher society was liing well in their homes. The music is much more dark and misterious when he's talkin about the soldier.

The innocence | Reviewer: Lauren | 4/24/07

I love the doors, and I always have. I grew up with the doors music but didnt really become interested with the mind and/or lyrics of Jim Morrison until I reached the age of 12. They truly are remarkable and forever changed my life. Im agnostic and dont believe in god or jesus, having something real in my life helped me alot. And atleast I know he was real. I dont think Jim got any less attractive when he gained weight, he was still beautiful and and a truly innocent soul. Rip forever naive and pure.