Lost in the dark. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/14

I think Jim was a great poet and he was fasinated with death.He was most likely tramatized when he saw those dead indians that died in the car wreck..... BREAK ON THRU TO THE OTHER SIDE MR. MOJO RISEN!!!!!

Must | Reviewer: Keith | 2/5/14

Lyrics from great musicians desereve to be annotated and looked at and understand . If we just listen and don't understand then what? This song is about creation and life and can relate to many other things within life as well. Life and death good and bad yin yang god and the devil. Not that I think the devil and bad are bad things but more necessary yin and yang makes the most sense

As good now (if not better) than when I first heard it over 30 years ago... | Reviewer: Steve S | 10/31/13

And how many songs can you say that about? Simply Devine, both musically and lyrically. Amazing to think about The Doors debut album and the number of awesome songs in contained....still one of the strongest debut albums of all time.
F.Y.I. If you are a fan of Jim and or The Doors you must read No One Here Gets Out Alive by Danny Sugarman and Jerry Hopkins...you won't be disappointed.

Barry J. Simon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/13

I think all of you have a point. Great poetry creates differing interpretations. I empathize with Jim because I had a mother similar to his father. I feel similar pain that I believe he felt. In fact, I express my pain and spirituality in poetry that I write.

The End | Reviewer: Deshea7 | 4/9/13

I discovered The Doors my Sophomore year in high school...that was 20 years ago. Jim Morrison captivates my mind. To me, this song is speaking to his childhood/high school girlfriend Mary. She was a catholic and had a different lifestyle than Jim. He is telling her goodbye because she promised to give him another try but didn't. The Oedipus issue in the song doesn't fit the other lyrics to me...maybe some form of rebellion because of his hurt? I don't know, Jim wrote it...this is just what it makes me think of...kind of sad

reply to "Why do everybody act like they wrote the fucking song!" | Reviewer: Meet | 3/5/13

i dont act like i wrote it...!! i just go deep into the lyrics and go with the flow..!! i dnt pretend like i wrote it..but yes i admit that i try to connect it with my life but it never goes. thats y he is the lizard king. :)

Loved the Doors | Reviewer: PinkFloydFan | 11/9/11

Loved the Doors - owned every Doors LP in vinyl. Hated this song. Hate violence in general. Hate mindless promotion of violence. Look at the LP Cover it's written by Jim Morrison - the other band members wouldn't put their name on it.

BTW: Woke up this morning and got my self a beer. The future's uncertain and the end is always near.

j rich | Reviewer: Jason Rich | 8/5/11

I used to take a lot of LSD in my yonger days and during some bad trips I used to think that I was just minutes away from dying and I also had sexual thoughts about banging my own mom and having hatred towards my dad. But I grew up in a perfetcly normal family with no psychological or physical abuse ever imposed on me, I had very good parents. So basically I think these are just some of the strange reoccuring thoughts that many people have experienced when going down that dark hole.

jim | Reviewer: swarup | 6/11/11

here is written 'kill,kill.kill..' ..that's actually wrong you know.. it's actually 'fuck,fuck,fuck...'
And that part where ha starts with 'killer awoke before dawn'.. he was actually playing the 'Oedipus Rex'..

Why do everybody act like they wrote the fucking song! | Reviewer: Chief mojo risin | 4/5/11

Awesome song. When i hear it i always think of the end of the world or freedom. But only one person knows what this song is really about (chief mojo rising/Jim Morrison). So stop acting like you fucking wrote it! There was even some idiot that had copied and pasted from wikipedia which btw says the song is about a breakup and these boxs are for reviews like

mouse trap | Reviewer: mary | 11/3/10

Check out how an ad for cheese used part of the Doors song in a totally different way. Find it at Mouse Trap and Cheese Advertisment on Metacafe or YouTube. I think the song is great but this little clip puts a new meaning on it. Enjoy.

great song | Reviewer: Born2Truck | 6/29/10

Every artistic creation breaks from its creator and has a life of its own, as does this song, the result being a fraction of truth which can be interpreted in a handful of different ways. So as Kim Fowley stated in another song "Summertime's here,kitties,and it's time to take a trip."

Alright just stop | Reviewer: The New Lizard King | 6/14/10

Just stop trying to go to deep into it. If anyone knows anything about The Lizard King, they would know that Jim hated lines that didn't have a double meaning. Everything he wrote meant more then one thing. He himself admited this song was psychedelically induced and caused the inspiration. Just stop reading into it and enjoy it.

Insanity | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/10

I don't know anything about The Doors or the real Jim Morrison. For me, 'The End' is about drug induced spiral of insanity conveyed in a poetic hard hitting lyric. Also used artistically and exquisitely in 'Apocalypse Now'.

I dont think so | Reviewer: Tyler B. | 5/17/10

I'm pretty sure half the people on here are full of s***. You guys are pulling random facts outta your a**. As well as just misinterpreting the whole song. The song is very deep and poetic don't get me wrong. But don't look so far into it. Native American culture says this and Shaman says this. Who cares. Listen to the music. Enjoy these pschedelic masterpieces. And don't have diareah of the mouth. Btw AT PETER GOESINYA. Really man?