A wrong date | Reviewer: Loek from Holland | 11/11/12

The best album The Doors ever made and also there first.So it's unpossible that the album is from 1982. Jim Morisson was already dead at that time. The album was released in Januari 1967. Jim Morisson, Ray Manzarek, Robbie Krieger and John Densmore; thanks.

Great Album | Reviewer: zeppelin fan | 7/27/05

The Doors, The Doors' self titled debut, shows a level that The Doors would never reach again.Break On Through, Light My Fire and The End are the classic songs, but the album has an extremely wide range, from hard rock with Twentieth Century Fox and Soul Kitchen to the odd fantasy and mystery of The Crystal Ship. The lean, spidery guitar and hypnotic organ provide the perfect backdrop for Jim Morrison's voice. An amazing album.