Texas Radio and Jim Morrison | Reviewer: Crawling King Jake | 6/4/13

Jim liked to drink. He also liked to challenge the preconceived notions of brownie baking. The universe was his workshop, and he possessed many tools, electric and karma powered. Great poetry, but not sure if he drained a couple of six packs while he composed the lyrics. The music is excellent; out on the perimeter, the drums signal the beat.....the big beat. Now listen to this and I'll tell ya....

The Rock Muse | Reviewer: StoneGiant | 1/11/13

So what's it about, this poem set to music, apart from the sparkling imagery and a diamond lyric dusting atop of the Doors' peerles European Cabaret Rock?
For me this is Jim celebrating his Rock Muse - "the maiden with wrought iron soul". Rock was, and still is seen as a decadent threat to the Status Quo. Jim and his friends - the Doors - find themselves surfing the great sea of fame which constantly threatens to sweep them away, to smash their thin raft, or maybe maroon them on oblivion's isle.

While it all lasts, they will construct concrete statements, great slabs of songs which maybe, just maybe will bring the faceless boss man of authority down - well it happened to the Pharoahs.

The Negroes, those dispossed outsiders who fuelled the creation of much of the modern musical idiom, are namechecked. They have primal wisdom, and they have been inviting us to join them in the wild celebration of release from inner bondage for many decades now; for centuries even.

The spiritual paucity of modern life CAN be healed Jim seems to say, if you will only listen to the mus. For she is delicate, feminine... with a heart of sculpted, ringing, wrought metal beauty. When the music's over......

It's probably the best song the Doors never released! | Reviewer: keepitreal | 7/17/09

It's got great poetry, a lot of truth interspliced into the metaphors. I love the big beat drums, of course, and the rhythmic keyboards by Manzeric. Jim's voice is very clear and strong. It's kind of a pre-'70's prog-rock tune. To me, it's a classic! If you're a Doors fan and have never heard this song, don't deprive yourself, give it a listen.