Noon burned gold into our hair | Reviewer: Stefano | 4/2/12

Each verse, each word is able to transmit a thousand feelings. Just consider this line: the scene of the setting sun is made vivid through immagination and no other words would describe it in a better way.
When that happens, music becomes poetry.

That's the million dollar question, and Jim was worried too... | Reviewer: Aviad | 9/5/10

Summer is happiness, joy of youth, optimism and the fertile piece of land where we can all grow our dreams and make them a reality.

Well, the winter is completely the opposite... who wants to have that ?!
Just need to take cover and wait for the sun !

It's almost gone | Reviewer: I am | 9/2/10

Summer's almost gone...,

From order to chaos, from chaos preceeds death. When we arrive at chaos we arrive at nothing, reaching 0 actuality and infinite potentiality. Where the fuck will you be, when the summer's gone?