this song describes the band | Reviewer: reyasem | 3/2/14

This song sums up The Doors perfectly. This song is what the doors are, unique, standing out, brave, haunting, full of emotion, perfect in every aspect (musically in harmony, lyrically genius, more-than-just-awesome performance). Seriously, this song really brought out their best, Jim's epic vocal, Robbie's epic guitar, Ray's epic piano, and John's epic drum.

Dibster | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/13

Absolutely one of the best. If not the best. Pure Gold!!
Nothing compares. I've heard alot of music in my time but
nothing like this. Jim morrison is a musical genius. And
I hear the lyrics as to sounding like this. And You're going to be leaving all of your life. Who else has an ungodly scream like that
and sound great?

someday soon | Reviewer: jim | 1/14/11

the versions that i have of this song Pittsburgh and Seattle both make me think that the lyrics go as follows: "Familial freaks will fill your living room" (as in your wake) and then "and your going to be leaving all of your lies" but I do agree that different concerts make this part sound different and I wouldn't be shocked if Jimbo changed em up from time to time due to the wine.

someday soon | Reviewer: Jim | 1/14/11

Oh and I'd also change the lyric "television bleeding like a harvest moon" to BLEATING instead since a harvest moon is also called a singing moon and bleating means to babble or cry which seems more appropriate not only with the harvest moon but also with a television.

One of the best. | Reviewer: Curry | 1/9/09

One of the best ones. the Doors has always been my favorite and this song only cements that. A friend who bought the "box" got me hearing this one and I can only say its totally in line with what I want to be hearing from that band. Being a long time fan, I've heard all the songs on the original CDs (I own them all), and this song only augments the respect for the band. Its very "the Doors".

Someday Soon | Reviewer: Justin | 4/23/07

It's, "And you're going to be needing all of your life." Not eyes that doesn't make sense.

Someday Soon - The Doors most haunting song. | Reviewer: Broomduster | 2/25/05

This song is probably my favourite of the whole Doors catalouge! It is menacing yet pretty. The version (at The Seattle Center, Seattle, 1970)isn't as tight or well rehursed as one would have liked but the song is so powerful that to have this version of it is way better than nothing. The ending is very powerful and shows what emotions the band could portray. The lyrics are a real treat and rather prophetic. To any one who hasn't heard it it is worth buying the THE DOORS BOX SET released in 1998 just for this song alone but of course its worth it for all the others as well.