mind playing tricks about destiny, possible outcomes depending on decisions you choose. sacrifice and it's benefits. or all nonsense | Reviewer: a.sa | 5/10/13

i'm having a nervous mild anxious what the fuck is happening attack right now. you see for no apparent reason, i decided to put together a playlist of all my doors songs on realplayer, a few hours ago. i found myself entranced looking at the video for shamans blues, while muted on my headset. took no notice really. got up, smoked a j outside, ate a little. thirty minutes later come back up stairs. same song playing. no big deal, except every word relates to the possible future of my life, especially in regards to prison; "Oh, will you stop and think and wonder?
Just what you'll see. Nursin' penitentiary" "Did you stop to consider? How it will feel. Cold, grindin' grizzly bear jaws hot on your heels" "He's sweatin', look at him". those lines sum up what could potentially happen, im guilty of nothing but the police here say i assaulted them.

"And if you have a certain evening You could lend to me" "saturdays shore"; tonight is saturday morning, the night the organisation my mother works for, is having a charity walk starting at 4am to dawn. in aid of people who abuse themselves or whom have been abused. which i've been asked to attend by both my sister and mother. supposedly upwards of 5,000 people will be participating; "the whole worlds a saviour". to add to the ongoing coincidences, earlier this morning i collected my social welfare payment (i dont enjoy being unemployed). after all expenses, which this week turned out to be an odd week, i have exactly 25e left in paper money. my mother earlier informed me it costs 25e to enter the walk. is God speaking to me through a song to offer up my evening walking, is this a warning about selfishness, am i crazy, i did just now think i remembered hearing a very faint deep demonic voice while entranced thinking about all this stuff a few minutes ago. i understood the phrase it was repeating but cant rememeber. i really don't know what's going on. but i feel i really must do this walk, and i'm going to hate it. i don't like high multiples of people. this is something way out of my comfort zone.

Timeless Blues Song | Reviewer: wolfmanjeff | 3/8/12

One of the greatest blues songs by one of the best 60s rock bands of its time. This song gives me chills as it starts up.I am 49 and have never grown tired of listening to this group. Morrisons songs are always playing in my mind. Am I crazy or is that Jim getting in my head? Hello.uh oh its Him again.I agree its his best.

A rich meaningful song | Reviewer: DS | 5/1/09

'There will never be another one like you'... The song is rich in thought and relates a subtle perspective, there is pain, a desire to be fullfilled again, as the two lovers are not now together, perhaps seperated by time, by space. "Do you remember, we were together?" The upbeat music and forceful rythmn generates hope and joy, supporting the strong memories conjoined with the individual's present expression of hope and longing. This is just my humble read of it. A favorite and a classic. I do not understand how the words at the end relate to the song though, as they are disjointed, abstract - I like to think they relate to something close and personal with the song writer.