Lonnie, Robbie, Ronnie, Santa Claus | Reviewer: James Morris | 8/9/13

Who really gives a flying f--ck who played the solo? To suggest that Krieger couldn't have played the solo is ludicrous and insulting to one of the most unique, signature style guitarists to come out of any era. And what nimble mind would call the solo boring? Some anonymous a-hole, who is, of course, entitled to his infantile opinion. And said a-hole has been playing the song live for 20 years, huh? Really? Only The Doors play Doors songs, anybody else tries to play Doors songs. Said a-hole, like most critics of talented people, seems also to be a self appointed pseudo-intellectual (graphomania ... groovy word, man), who has zero talent but feels qualified to judge those who do have it. Go have a beer in the morning and choke on it, anonymous. If you have to dissect and analyze The Doors music (or any other artists')you are not listening. I suggest you go back to the sixties, drop some clinical acid, and you'll get it. Jim, Ray, Robbie and John did. Peace.

Anonymous | Reviewer: hand | 6/26/13

Jim very clearly sings that one must keep both eyes on the road but a singular hand on the wheel. Keep your eyes on the road, your HAND upon the wheel. People have been saying 'hands' for so long now that they can no longer hear the correct lyric.

This morning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/12

Every printed lyric I found has Jim singing "I woke up this morning, and got myself a beer". I always thought he sang "I woke up IN mourning, and got myself a beer" Could just be me, though.

??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/12

Two questions:
1. What is the song all about, if not a stoned Jim's blah, blah
2. The solo is boring, nothing more. "Clapton is god", yes, and now I know it was thanks to boring guitar solo from Lonnie.

Then - I love the song for its energy, and since 20 years I am playing it live also, but, really - words are just pure graphomania ;-)

Densmore's book mentions Lonnie Mack as bassist | Reviewer: Jonathan Kurtzman | 7/30/11

Densmore says Lonnie came into the studio. They were all somewhat in awe. They asked if he'd play bass and he said he was uncomfortable with it. Densmore says they told him the bass line was guitar-like so he decide to give it a whirl. No indication Robbie didn't play the guitar, which makes sense because The Doors played their songs together live in the studio and relied on listening to each other play. It's hard to imagine Ray and John doing that separate from Robbie. Ray refers to The Doors as a collective mind. Also, if you listen to the bass line, it makes sense as Lonnie Mack's work.

No source for the Lonnie Mack claim below | Reviewer: Martin Miglioretti | 7/12/11

Anonymous, if you can't site your source, you are owned by my post that did. And you will remain owned until you show some bonafide cred. You don't even have the stones to post your name, but until then it will be Honey Baby.

Lonnie Mack | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/11

Jim Morrison does shout "Do it, Lonnie! Do it!" not "Do it Robby! Do it" Mack had borrowed Krieger's guitar to develop some blues guitar lines. Mack also played the lead guitar solo on the track, but was only credited as bassist, so as to not embarrass Krieger. Krieger copied some of Mack's lines in later takes. It is unknown which take of "Roadhouse" made the final cut.

These lyrics are not necessarily accurate | Reviewer: Martin Miglioretti | 3/20/10

I've replaced the lyrics to Roadhouse Blues many times. Most times when I check, they are changed, because people are just so passionate about the song. The scat vocal pronunciations especially - while published and accurate in my versions - are constantly being re-interpreted here. On this date, my name is credited for the lyrics, but they are not my transcription.

I'm reminded of the layers of graffiti and gifts on and around Jim's grave at Père Lachaise. People just want communion with Jim - to leave a part of us with him - because he left a big part of himself with us and we can never fully pay him back.

The lyric "Do it, Robby, do it" is apparently correct | Reviewer: Martin Miglioretti | 8/7/08

According to Wikipedia, citing The Doors, Morrison Hotel Remastered Liner Notes, Pages 3 and 7, as a footnote, "...Morrison shouts "Do it, Robby, do it!" when Krieger rips off the solo. The sessions only took off on the second day, when resident Elektra guitarist Lonnie Mack joined in on bass and harmonicist John Sebastian (appearing under the pseudonym G. Puglese out of loyalty to his recording contract or to avoid affiliation with The Doors after the Miami controversy) joined in on the sessions..." The reference credited Bruce Botnick and David Frickle in 2006 for the information.

One lyric is incorrect here | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/08

Error: Do it, Robby, do it

Should be: Do it Lonnie! Do it!

Lonnie Mack played the guitar solo in the song. Right before the guitar solo, Jim Morisson says "Do it Lonnie! Do it!"

Lonnie Mack is a roadhouse blues-rock legend - modern rock's first true guitar hero. His playing has influenced the course of rock and roll and had an impact on many of modern rock's current guitar heroes, including Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page and especially Stevie Ray Vaughan. His early music bridged the gap between '50s rockabilly and the psychedelic blues-rock of the following decade, and, like the best rock and roll, his work continues to embody a mixture of white and black roots music. Rock, blues, soul and country - Lonnie brings them all together for a sound that has been all his own for nearly thirty years.

that improvised part is in Nepali | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/08

that improvised part is in Nepali....it means...smoke weed, i want to smoke weed. it will fulfill all my wishes.i'm going to take over all the tigers and bears. Pashupati (its a temple of Lord Shiva, who is considered the destroyer..and god of weed) is cold and damp. by the way i'm a Nepali..so i know.......THE DOORS