mojorisin' | Reviewer: jsg | 5/20/08

The Doors are probably one of the few bands that will be taken serious and remember/studied decades from now. I say this because of the slow movement towards the sentiments of F. Nietzsche- one of Jim's favorites. One one his lines I have always liked 'You'll be dead in Hell before I'm born' always has stuck with me as a favorite.

snatched back my life | Reviewer: anirudh barthwal | 4/14/08

I dont know or care about what people of my genaration think about the doors!what i know is there was a point of time when all i could think about was death cuz i thought life had never been fair with me,i desired a lot from life and got nothing all i wanted was death thinking dope n drugs were my best friends,once i borrowed a cd "the best of the doors" from one of my jhoonkie friend and guess what after listening to"the doors"i found out there is nothig to expect from life,life is what i have to snatch from the people who think i could do nothing in life now i m no more a"slave of my own desire's,i fucked death away,thak u jim morrison,thank u very much"The Doors"!

"there will never be another one" | Reviewer: Igi | 2/27/08

Sometimes i wish i was born about 30 years ago... Wish i saw, at least, one of their concerts. Truly a band that is different than the rest of the bands of that time, not to mention the todays BIG most. every one of their songs is just amazing, it's not like regular rock its... more than that. its a big loss that jim died so early. i watched a concert of the doors after he died. there was a replacement for jim but there can't be the doors without jim, sounds completely different. as i said or quoted a line from one of their songs (shaman's blues), there will never be another one

Sickest Band!! | Reviewer: Eddie | 2/19/08

where do i start?! theres so much to say about the doors, they were the most inspirational band out there and still are to this day. Jim made music amazing to listen to. all that crap you listen to today could never compare to the Doors Jim expressed himself in the music and i think thats what made it great. we need the Doors back!

freedom man | Reviewer: alma sky | 11/1/07

i know that not all the events that happened in the movie are true ,but it's the parts of the movie that are that i pay attention to. thanks for the heads up anyways though, buti'm way ahead of you...i've read many of his biographies that tell me which parts of the movie are true and which ones are not.

alma sky | Reviewer: freedom man | 10/27/07

the doors are, in my opinion the best band ever. never have their been so much talent. with robby's guitar, densmores drums, manzareks chillin keyboard and morrisons vocals. to top it all off, his lyrics have true meaning. and to alma sky, the oliver stone movie was good for hollywood, but a lot of things in the movie are untrue and it focuses a lot on morrison wild attitude instead of his genius. ex - morrison did NOT drop out of UCLA, he graduated at the top of his class.

The Greatest Band that ever was | Reviewer: Mrs. Mojo Risin | 10/6/07

For the past 6 months I have been obsessed with The Doors especially Jim. I've been dancing to it as well and I can tell you there is nothing more exillerating than losing yourself in thier music. Jim has really opened my eyes to many wonderful thoughts and expireances. And to the 14 year old, you give me hope in today's generation try and spread the wonder of the doors to your friends. Let's keep the legends alive.

i love that band!!! | Reviewer: alma sky | 10/4/07

i've loved this band since i was a little girl in elementary! i have the movie "THE DOORS",and
learned so much about the life of Jim Morrison,
it's amazing! i never knew that he died in Paris, France at age 27, until i saw that movie.
i love his music and i love him and sometimes i think i annoy my friends cause i'm always singing
his songs, but hey...i don't give a shit! if you don't like THE DOORS then you don't like me!
HAHA! anyways so yeah, his life story was amazing...he makes me want to live during that time. i like the quote: " there are things known
there are things unknown and in between are THE DOORS..." - jim morrison

REVOLUTION | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/07

i totally agree with the above statement. the shit they call music that plays on mtv is all corprate BS. this generation DOES need help.
if only someone as great and inspiring as the doors came along to lead a revolution.

AWESOME BAND!!! | Reviewer: Brian Gasser | 7/15/07

I love the doors. I just started to listen to them about 5 months ago and i'm already amazed how talented every member was whether Morrison or Manzerak. People are always how do u listen to this crap and i reply this crap is talent, what you listen to is crap anyone can rap about whine but no one can have well thought out lyrics like Jim Morrison and i'm only 14 years old and i can tell u these bands today SUCK!

perhaps the greatest band of all time | Reviewer: Gabby | 6/5/07

In my opinion, The Doors are perhaps the greatest band of all time. Great vocals, great instrumentals, and great lyrics, which are hard to come by, are all found in the legend know as The Doors. Jim Morrison was an amazing poet as well as a singer, and it is a shame that his life was ended so early. The Doors are rock music at its finest and i wish more bands today had the same talent and drive.

Awesome biography! | Reviewer: chara | 4/26/07

The was a gret article to whoever wrote it. but the Doors are so inspirational and their music has so much drive i agree with the above statement this is REAL music!

Great stuff | Reviewer: Jack | 3/15/07

This stuff is great. There's no way you can mistake a song by the Doors for anything but a song by the Doors.

the doors, the legend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/05

ther's nothing i could say to sum up the brilliance that was the doors, more specificaly jim morrison-one of the great poets and song writer of our century- all i got to say is its to bad people now days call what they see on MTV music....its corporat BS, this generation needs help