The Doors "people r strange" lyrics | Reviewer: '#1 doors fan | 11/29/14

How can a review b anything but "ELECTRIFING"!!!!
Just like any doors song! They r on a diff level from anything. Never since I'm 8yts old has any band been able to literally run thru me & bring me to my happy place. EUPHORIC! Thanks for listening. Never actually said the words.

great song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/13

I never get tired of this song!
I model my guitar work off of this, The Doors live on inside of me.
RIP Jim, may you walk the halls of music for a long time.
best song ever, you idiots better like it. :)

The Doors + Amazing Song = GENIUSES | Reviewer: Natalie | 12/15/10

I had always loved Echo and the Bunnymen's version of this song however, after recently hearing The original I have to say I am in love with The Doors. Jim Morrison's voice really lends it's self to this song and sets the overall mood and feel to this classic. Amazing song, Amazing lyrics, Amazing band.

Heresy, or re-invisioned? You decide. | Reviewer: Grace Matthews | 11/17/10

I think I may have committed heresy by entirely re-working the guitar for my cover of this song. Mine is more rock, with a bit of sludge.
As an artist, The Doors are perfect examples of what I want to achieve - there's honesty in their work...I'll always look up to them - they smashed so many boundaries.

:) | Reviewer: moonshine | 8/23/10

JIm is one of the moust talented moust beautifful peoplee who lived in this world..His music will be always remembered likeeee something clasy andd akward and no one will understand them exactly only the doors and that's the whole poent...I am very sad because we dont have groups like that today.

people are strange | Reviewer: tranny | 5/18/10

jim morrison is just fucking awesome. i love the style of guitar, and when yoo add jims voice, its just sounds amazing. it all comes together perfectly. simply one of the best doors songs ever in my opinion. may jim r.I.p.

Masterpiece!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/10

Nothing will ever come close to the pure genius that The Doors have layed upon this world, no band or group today will EVER reach the potential that Jim was blessed with. But in turn, we then reflect on what Jim Morrison based his love for music upon...poetry. The Doors will live forever.

people are strange | Reviewer: Carmel Devereaux | 2/11/10

One of the most amazing ditties by Jim (may he walk the halls of music forever) Morrison ever. I love the way he takes you into his trip so easily that you don't even know you're there! His simple lyrics clarify a moment of perfect understanding while the bouncy and catchy tune ensures that however many years later you hear it, you listen, you hear and you understand exactly what was going on in his head at the time of writing. Pure genius. Xs

I am strange | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/09

I kind of resent the song; cause I am strange. And once someone sang it to me; because of that. However; as a song I think it is pretty good and the arrangement is good. It does not get old to hear it more than once. Much better than the worst song ever written - "Sittin on the Dock of De Bay" which gets older every time it is played.

Superb! | Reviewer: Fenyx | 10/17/07

i love this song because what he speaks of is soooooo true!!! i especially like the "women seem wicked when your unwanted" part!!! because it is frickin awesome.i partially try to model my guitar work around the doors! i love this song!!!!!!!!!

Excellent! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/07

I have always been a fan of The Doors and I could say that People are Strange is one of my favorites.

Great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/07

Awesome, this is music! Doors are part of a whole that changed history.