Amazing song | Reviewer: Jak | 6/5/13

To me, this is an amazing song, and I'm only 15 years old. I am a big fan of The Doors, and although I'm only 15, I have a few of their albums on vinyl :) a friend of mine went to live in New Haven, Connecticut, which is mentioned in this song, as Morrison liked New Haven very much. I was born in and live in England, and I miss my friend very much, but I do still keep in contact with him.

blood stains the roofs and the palm trees of venice | Reviewer: Bunty | 6/20/12

Here,Jim called him self 'blood' ....
As he was living on roofs during days in venice..
Later he leaves venice,that is why he's saying 'blood' stains the roofs and palm trees of venice.

Correction on one little line | Reviewer: Michael | 5/30/11

Where it says here, "Blood stains the roofs and the palm trees of Venice,"... that makes no sense at all if you think about it. Why would the roofs have blood stains on them?

I believe he's saying "Blood stains the ROOTS OF the palm trees of Venice," referring to the blood shed hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ago, yet now it's buried underground and nobody ever gives the history of man's bloodshed a second thought. That's just my interpretation, but my lyrical correction I do believe is correct.

Thank you,

Michael Moorlag