Just my opinion.. | Reviewer: Back Door Man! | 2/21/11

If you look carefully, you'll notice Jim "died" in 71 (july), and L.A. Woman was released in april, yes 71 too.. And yes, i'm saying that Jim lives and works on a farm, in a valley of a mountain near a lake, and there's green grass all around, he's happy and fine and wery much alive! Yes, he's still here! He told you everything trough his songs, his life, his death, and his life! Yes!

No Michael | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/10

Jim Morrison recorded Orange County Suite by himself on piano, and years later the other Doors added the remaining instruments. It wasn't originally a Doors song, but on the studio version the Doors are playing the instruments. Jim recorded a VERY rough and incomplete version in a Paris studio with two drunk guitar players, but that was not the real version of the song.

in disagreement with Will | Reviewer: michael | 1/28/10

the doors did not write or perform this
in fact the doors did not actually like this song much (when i say the doors, i mean Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek, and John Densmore)
Jim recorded this with some other people who's names i do not know

their best song | Reviewer: WIll | 2/13/06

This song is an epic ballad that embodies the amazing poetry and imagery that Jim Morrison captured during his brief time as Rock's most provacative figure. The somber tone laid against Morrison's spiritual vocals prove this to be, without a doubt, their best recorded effort.