Jim sorting out the reality! | Reviewer: Chrissy | 8/9/13

Every time i hear this music i remember the Tate/Le Bianca murders in California. It seems to me Jim had a feeling for reality in general - as most poets do - and also some prophetic vibe. Think about it, he wrote about violence in some of his musics and in this one...seems to me he was sensing something, i don't know...He wrote it before the case anyway...at least it's a coincidence! ;)

Look harder. | Reviewer: Anon | 4/29/13

Anyone saying modern music sucks isn't looking hard enough. They were making shit during the 1960s and 70s too you know. Music being put out to such a wide audience on tv and radio was something that had never been used to there full potential until bands like e Beatles and the doors. Distributing music like that was still so young. And still is. It's just come to a point now where systems shift and change. The top bands aren't found by the big cheeses anymore as those company's were sold on to fat cats or they lost the passion. Things change, learn you need to look elsewhere for good music. There are so many good modern bands coming out at the moment. But you still seak approval. If you can't find it in your own generations overall music tastes then you go to your parents. Don't worry about anyone else thinking its good, or looking cool, if you find a good band, listen to them, go to all their small gigs, or even their big ones. Remember that bands have. A lot more freedom newer days to pick their own deals, if they are clever they can work it so they maintain there inderviduality. But remember bands in the 60s and 70s where fashioned to meet a target audience. Just listen to independent radio stations and go to as many live gigs as possible. And by lots of vinyl. Because its funky.

blood in the streets | Reviewer: peace frog | 1/1/13

im 16, i fucking hate modern music, besides a choice few whose roots are connected to good ol rock. i love all the "old" music because well in my opinion it had soul, you look at all these death-core and screamo bands and compare them to Hendrix and Morrison and well it just doesn't compare. why don't we just leave it at Jim wrote some damn good music.

Just Because | Reviewer: DNZ | 10/2/12

Lizard Queen asked what the hell happened?

It is complex yet simple tale...


they use to let bands like The Doors develop and help them reach a big audience...nobody in the music business looks at things like this now days. It's all about $$. How fast can we make this person blow up and then make them dissapear.

I'm not agreeing with them.

Just point out the troof.

Nobody in the music business wants a band as mysterious as The Doors because that doesn't reach the 9-16 year old girl market that is the only one left in America that buys albums!!

Because their parents still buy them shit!

The Music Business in America is just another business in America...but fucking itself until everybody is bleeding.

New music | Reviewer: Thommo | 6/12/12

To respect.. Just because someone is in the spotlight and on the radio and making money is absolutely no reason to give them respect, quite frankly, a chimp could write better lyrics and music, I have no respect for modern music because the artists simply aren't as talented as they used to be.
People have lost deep connections with music, I can't see how most things popular these days are expressions of the artists, it's just, here's come catchy lyrics and some danceable music behind it.
Look at the doors, Morrison was basically possessed on stage and his words were deep, symbolic and cleverly strung.
Anyone can get on stage and sing out "let's play a love game"
I would kill to see lady gaga make a song that even comes close to the mystery, and awesomeness of a song like "stairway to heaven"

respect... | Reviewer: Roger | 8/27/11

To you all young classic rockers... Respect the modern music... After all... All musicians look after some classic rocker... And I know you might feel that the todays music sucks... Thats your opinion... I dont really like anything from today... But I show respect... After all they are making money and are way on top of you guys... And today you talk about them.. And how do you think they talked about Jim in his days? He was even a criminal... And today a hero and a inspiration to many....

Don't be hatin'! | Reviewer: Nightmare | 7/6/11

Okay, don't be haters. For everyone that is saying bad things about modern rock: What's so bad about it? I think you guys just wanna complain about something. I like classic rock, but I also like modern rock. I like pop, and a little bit of rap, too? Why are you guys saying bad things about other music genres, just because you don't like it. I don't like Justin Bieber, either, but I'm not calling him a fag, now am I? Stop spreading false rumors, and stop being haters. I happen to be bisexual, and I don't find anything wrong with it. Calling someone gay isn't an insult. I'm a 12 year old girl, and the fact that I've learned this lesson already and you stupid fucks haven't proves just how retarded you guys really are. God, I wish I had a Death Note. This world is never gonna get anywhere if retards like you are in it. Stop hating, and feel the love.

7\2\11 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/11

ok im a 14 year old boy and i love the doors.Im actualy listening to break on through right now and,i would like to say to lizard queen that you are awsume cause im the only in my school who likes the doors and all the other classics.I simply cannot stand that stupid modern rock.Its a shame that jim did at the age of 27 in 1971 cause he could of made alot more songs and poetry.there will never be a more better band then the doors.jim your my hero and heaven or hell i hope to see you there.now theres 2 coments,i hope to see 3.and this is mr mojo risin sayin srew that little fag justn bieber.

And inbetween are the doors | Reviewer: Lizard Queen | 1/7/11

Wow I can't believe no one has commented on this.I'm a 15 year old girl and I love the doors.Well here I go again on a rant about the stupid modern rock they have.My Chemical Romance,Rise Against,Dirty Head,Hinder etc. blah blah blah.So annoying.Thats all I'm gonna say and what the Doors have in connection with this is that they were great and are apart of the world of great music that has been forgotten.Wheres the heart in anything anymore?I have one question:WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!