Night Divides the Day | Reviewer: Corvo | 10/10/12

This is the most important Doors song if Jim Morrison hadint sang this song to Ray Manzerek the the Venice beach there would be no Doors. And Morrison and Manzerek would be film makers.
This is the song that started it all.

The best band in the world! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/10

This songs just makes me wanna smoke a bowl and lay on the back of my truck and look at the moon all night long while listening to all their music. These guy are the very best of a time that's past.

Lovely | Reviewer: hoidoei | 10/17/07

ik hou van the doors met heel mijn hart, dus dat je het weet en jimmorrison is sexy tot op het bot! ha Peace

THE ALPHA NEVER THE OMEGA | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/07

one in a million that's all we as morrison lovers can think of.This song's is not only a song it's a hym which was gifted by him to all his fan.......JIM as known by all "TESTED LIFE ALL ALONG" "BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHERSIDE SAYS IT ALL" NEDLESSS FOR ME TO SAY MORE......

One of their best; often overlooked | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/07

Typically, elementally Doors: musical, lyrical, poetical, ending with Morrison's lustiily screaming. Robbie Krieger is more in the foreground than usual.

The lover's don't drown in the end, except in their sexual passion - also typically Doors (or rather typcially Morrison): annihilation of the self in the physicality of love.


an amazing song that at first sounds happy but at the end the lovers drown sort of funky
one of the first songs jim morrison ever wrote
their best albums in this order are strange days, the doors, l.a. woman