What?! | Reviewer: Lack of | 10/27/11

Um, okay. First of all, a cover song is a cover song. Just because you interpret something differently according to the person doesn't change the meaning of the song itself. Secondly, it's a Howlin' Wolf cover, not a Rolling Stones cover.

Doors | Reviewer: Andrea | 2/3/11

Now as I've been reading Jim liked to play this one.And I'm curious as to why.Maybe "to lazy to crow the day" to him was a metaphor of how he was lazy or didn't want to perform.I'm reading Riders on the Storm by Johns Densmore.The Doors drummer.If your a Jim or Doors fan you may want to check it out.I'm almost done with it."Keep everything in the barnyard" probably means hes keeping all his energy or feelings inside."Upset in everyway" probably means well he was upset in everyway.Probably didn't want to perform anymore,what was going on with Pam and his demons.But Jim didn't write this.Its a Rolling Stones cover.But he did make some changes. :)

Love ya Jim! Hope death is swell!