What it means | Reviewer: Rob | 9/8/07

The Horse Latitudes have little to know wind usually, so old sailing ships would have trouble getting to land in time. They'd basically be drifting out there, so they throw animals over to conserve water.

... | Reviewer: sayruh | 9/4/07

theyre latitude lines around doldrums where people found horses laying dead in the ocean. the horses were thrown out of boats to lighten the load and get the boat moving again. so gary's rite. i dont know what the tiny monsters are, but keeping this in mind, the rest of the song makes sense.

actually... | Reviewer: dan gagne | 8/23/07

Actually the horse latitudes are just that, latitude lines. They are located some where between Georgia and South Carolina.

morrison rocks /rocked | Reviewer: gary askwith | 7/2/07

I gather this is about trying to prevent a ship from sinking in an armoured (like psunami waves) sea, by throwing over horses to lighten the ship. I don't know maybe I'm wrong because I don't know why their gallop is 'green' are their legs caught in seaweed?, and why is their nostril agony refined and sealed over?. I'd like to know because the tension that builds in the song/poem/lay? is palatable and awesome. I used to think it was about birth, birth of the universe, and animals, and jettison was genesis. The horse representing evolution and being thrown to the monster sea like a dog without a bone. Who knows make of it what you will.