George Thorogood,,,, Frank Zappa perhaps. | Reviewer: Tim Baird | 3/22/14

I discovered " Alive She Cried " (on cassette) by accident and I immediately went on a crusade to spread the word about this Gem, as it didn't receive much fan fare. Anyway, after I informed many individuals about ASC, I got many a phone calls thanking me for revealing a Door's Treasure. In particular,,,Gloria.

Gloria - and glorious | Reviewer: Internaut | 6/24/13

Sure it is clear what they are doing. Remember when Je Teme was banned in the 60's, as was "They are coming to take me away" and a host of others. I may be dating myself, but I can remember when some US senators wanted a ban on Elvis Presley for his "un-Godly hip swaying".

Ta gotta love how Doors did it ;)

GLORIA | Reviewer: Tammy | 4/23/13

Wow! I am a 60's kid and I guess even as a teen in the 70's I never heard this. I did now. Just l listened and yeah, he said what he said. Wow that blows my mind like Plant saying I wanna be your backdoor man. I only registered what he meant like 15 years ago. I just never took it to mean that I guess.

more text | Reviewer: stefanie | 2/2/11

hi, of course he sings "wrap your lips around my cock" (very clearly on "backstage and dangerous: private rehearsal disc 1), and after "wrap your hair around my skin" it continues "gonna eat you honey, gonna eat you..."
god, my knees get weak every time i listen to that ;)

How to push it to the end... | Reviewer: Bill | 7/22/08

Jim said what we all wanted to, but were to scared to. He was a poet, an entertainer but he too was scared. That's why the alcohol and drugs. It takes a lot of self defiance to say act and live to break on through. wonder how old he was when Gloria was recorded?

.... | Reviewer: Me | 11/24/07

I don't know if you seen this, but on youtube is a video of this song. And Jim really sings: wrap your lips around my cock, wrap your legs around my neck"

Gloria/Doors | Reviewer: Lynda Welch | 11/13/07

This song performed by the Doors (Jim Morrison), is really HOT - not only the lyrics, the sound of the music is good! When I first heard it, I couldn't figure out who it was, then I listened more carefully and sure enough it was Jim Morrision. I turn up the radio, whenever if hear it. I am just recently (in the last year) hearing it played on the radio, I don't remember hearing this version when I was younger - but I'm glad I have.

gloria | Reviewer: india | 11/12/07

one of the most erotic songs i've heard. never heard jim sing about wrapping lips arounds cocks and such but whatever. great song! first time i saw this song performed was on a show my parents were watching. it was in the late 80's and i was a young child. it certainly made an impression on me. i never forgot the song and eventually bacame a doors fan.


How did he get away with it? | Reviewer: Bob Hastings | 6/30/07

I heard this verion of Gloria yesterday on radio for the first time.
My opinion of this song remains unchanged since I first heard it - one single great riff, but repeated ad nauseum. A good foot stomping rock piece, perfect for live concert, but not one I would want to listen to over and over at home.
The Doors' cover of it is worth a listen for two reasons: the interesting instrumentation, reminiscent of the middle portion of Light My Fire, and the way that jim Morrison augmented Van's lyrics and made them his own. I can't imagine Van singing those extra lyrics, in fact Jim Morrison is probably the only person I'd expect to sing them, except possibly George Thorogood.
I was tempted to submit a correction to lyrics presented above - I am not certain but I am almost
positive that before "Wrap your legs..." he sings "Wrap your lips around my cock"! or something very similar. It would have been in character. Anyone else hear this? At any rate I am sure the lyrics aboce are not 100% complete.

Jim went one better than Van | Reviewer: Hugues L├ętourneau | 3/27/05

An original song by a great artist is a hard thing to cover, or at least, to cover well. But sometimes it does happen: Joe Cocker's "With a little help from my Friends" is better - much better - than the Lennon/McCartney original. And John Fogarty with CCR honors Marvin Gaye with his cover of "I Heard it through the Grapevine." On the other hand, singer Don Maclean ("American Pie") should have left well enough alone when he recorded a very inferior version of Roy Orbison's "Cryin.'"

Still, it didn't seem likely that the Doors could go one better than Van Morrison's "Gloria," especially as the Doors never intended to record the song in the first place. The song "Gloria," because it's easy to play instrumentally, was played by virtually every band - good or bad - of the sixties and seventies. It's a great song to ensure that your instruments are in tune, to find out if your final sound checks are all right, etc., etc. Which is exactly what the Doors were doing: they were doing sound checks before a show and ended up playing the whole song. Fortunately, the recording equipment was running, and the song was captured for posterity.

Trust Jim Morrison to more than do justice to Van Morrison's song. Jim, who wasn't related to Van, had met him, however, and was a great admirer of Van's early work with 'Them' and of Van in his solo career.

Listen to the casual menace in Jim's voice. Here we are in your room, while your mother's out shopping around. You won't trust this guy alone with your daughter, which of course is the whole point.

Check it out. The song is on the Doors' "Alive She Cried" album, and it's stunning.