meloncholy | Reviewer: James | 2/21/13

even if I'm not high when I listen to this song, I feel high regardless. Especially during the little guitar solo...something about the organ sound in the background just. sounds. like. heaven. hard to put into words the sounds of pure bliss and joy. Morrison was all about it

blue sunday | Reviewer: Zbyszko | 4/14/12

'blue sunday' actually refers to the 'blue laws' that were once common. They prohibited the sales of certain items like alcohol on sunday...morrison here is using it as a metaphor for loving something he can't/shouldn't have

Serene song | Reviewer: Nato | 1/3/11

I believe that Jim wrote this song for his on and off girlfriend, Pam. Blue Sunday is probably referring to one of those sundays where one just feel gloomy and "blue." Jims feels down and when he sees or talks to Pam, hes lifted from his temporary misery and comes to realize his treasure in front of him.

morrisons epitaph | Reviewer: jim | 10/8/09

Truly the most gifted man able to put that poetry to music, a very hard thing to do and make it all sound right. Im standing where his grandparents house was in clearwater,fla. Theres a spiriy here on the swing on the side of the house.

Blue Sunday | Reviewer: bob | 6/8/09

Some people misunderstand the song.
Jim sings "I found my own true loves WAS on a blue Sunday", not on a blue Sunday.
I believe that a blue sunday was a pill or drug of some sort. Great that it comes right after Peace Frog which is one of their best songs musically and lyrically.

The Best | Reviewer: Josh | 11/24/08

I love this song. Soft, beautiful. I can take solace in the song even though I've never had my own girl by imagining that a Blue Sunday is an impossible day to come by, but when I have reached my Blue Sunday, I will have found My Girl.

Infinite | Reviewer: John K | 11/16/08

Every song; poem, whatever you like to say has meanings woved together..if we can take in all this, I think we can have something here. I love The Doors, they have influenced me so much. The music will never die.

Whatever Jims spirit feels right now, at this time..I sure hope its PEACE.

ps. Ray, email me please. :)

amazing | Reviewer: Paulie | 10/26/07

this sonĀ“g is simply stunning...oh there will never be a band as good as The Doors I love them so much...Jim Morrison 4-ever!

Among the best from the Doors | Reviewer: Paul | 7/6/07

Excellent song, I cannot find the right words to review it. It has a calming and soothing feel to it, and a great song to share with the one you love

Short but sweet........ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/07

Ahhhh, Blue Sunday! The perfect song for the one you love. A profound and fabulous work of art that is one of the more underrated songs from that era.

love... | Reviewer: Katie | 5/18/07

I love this song so much. I agree the lyrics are short and sweet but they get the point across....very well i must add. Jim Morrison is my all time idol i love him so much and the doors. i wish he didn't die!!!

grand rapids, MI

My fav song! | Reviewer: Moira | 4/30/07

Blue Sunday is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Although the song's short, it expresses a very deep feeling and comforts me in some special way.

The best Song by The Doors | Reviewer: Chris Simpson | 11/23/06

This is my favorite song of all time, The lyrics are so deep and mean so much.. They sum up what I feel for my girlfriend and how I feel about her. Jim Morrison really is a poetical genius.