Let's realize his teachings! | Reviewer: SM Hayat | 8/7/13

there was a time when i like many stepped on my teen, alas! i finished traveling through that time span of my life. During those days I ate Morrison, i drank Morrison, i wish and only believe that i lived Morrison too. However, now at his middle of my life fathering two kids i only realize and do believe, we must only live on his teachings. What this soul wanted to say and live, may be failed (May be for the hindrance or influence of super charge as many of us did at our age), lets only live on his teachings. I strongly experienced, realize and believe - may be many of his deeds and ours as well were wrong/named as anti social, but the ultimate teachings do really not contradict with any social or religious beliefs and values!!! So, same path walkers do not only ride on him for glamour or any other things. If you love and do really could and can sense him just respect the sense and do follow!!! - from the soul of a morrisonized Heart.

PEACE! | Reviewer: BassGirl | 8/1/13

it was the late 60s...and it was poetry..it wasn't supposed to make sense. the era that this "song" (poetry) came out was a free spirited time. lots of people smoked weed or did acid..everything was about euphoria then. Songs are supposed to express your feelings. It doesn't have to make sense. I used to listen to a lot of Duran Duran in high school-their lyrics often didnt make sense. "I'm looking for cracks in the pavement" or the Beatles..theirs didnt sometimes. Jim Morrison wrote a bunch of poetry. He recorded his poetry in 1969 and 1970 (hey year I was born! :)) . 7 years after Jim passed the rest of the Doors reunited (the band broke up in '76) and recorded the music backtracking and released the album.
So what doesn't make sense for you did for who wrote it.
BTW parts of this poem was about his experiences as a child.."Indians scattered on dawns highway bleeding" was one, where he saw a bad wreak as a kid. Peace

who cares | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/12

Who cares if he has a word wrong...or even all the lyrics...when someone shouts AWAKE...this is what i think next, because on the american prayer album this is the poem he recites....AWAKE shake dreams from your hair my pretty child o sweet one! Choose to shut this fag up just because we dont see things his way! If mr. Mojo Rison was here he would punch you in the carrot!

Ghost Song | Reviewer: JDM | 5/15/09

Hate to say it, but this is The Ghost Song, not awake. Awake was the track before this when Jim during a concert is saying "Is everybody in? Is everybody in?" And asleep, just go back to listening to the Backstreet Boys fag, if you can't understand what he was saying then you shouldn't even bother because it seems you don't even have a grade 1 education you moron.

stupid | Reviewer: anonymous two | 4/22/09

Show some respect, bitch. It's the freakin' Doors! If you're going to have the audacity to criticize something as awesome as Jim Morrison's poetry, you should at least have the "sense" to spell "sense" correctly, and know that "incoherent" is one word. You should also know that "dribble" is what babies do, and "drivel" is what your review was.

asleep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/07

these lyrics are so gay i literaly fell asleep trying to make sence oif this in coherent dribble