Review for the album An American Prayer

------ Performed by The Doors | 05/15/2007

The Doors Strange Days

Strange were the days when Jim Morrison was the most charismatic rockstar dancing like a mad man on the stage. His lyrically capabilities knew no bound and the musical capabilities of the band that made the lyrics presentable was divine. Strange days is one of those albums like all other Doors ones to keep ringing in your ear not because it is repetitive but because you want to get more from it and you just can't stop listening to it. "People are strange. When you're a stranger", he sang with a voice that had clairvoyance in its every timbre. The theme just hits you right in your forehead with a sledge hammer and keeps you stoned for the duration of 40 minutes. Like a weed it grows into you without your notice till you find yourself completely lost into another dimension. Right now Im stoned and can't type more. But you get the point.

Thanks to Arun for submitting the review.