first time I heard the Kurt Weill version | Reviewer: Pete | 9/9/13

I remember my surprise when a non-rocker friend who knew nothing of the cover version by the Doors played the Kurt Weill version for me. It was burned into my brain from the Jim Morrison interpretation, and it was startling to hear the scratchy old time recording by Kurt Weill and realize Morrison hadn't written that song. I always loved that mood shift the song provides compared to the Morrison compositions, kind of the way the Rolling Stones might shift into country western mode for one song like "Far Away Eyes" or The Beatles go Honkytonk with
"Rocky Raccoon." It opens your eyes to the music our parents and grandparents grew up with, because many of those tunes could have been covered by The Doors or The Beatles with equal success, a great song is a great song whether it's played by a ragtime band or a rock-n-roll band.

CUM ON MAN ! | Reviewer: ryanhogan | 4/20/13

Of course there is better songs than others for ANY artist. I have been a die hard Morrison fan for over thirty years. He was on drugs people. I think the song is very cool AND goofy. I only wish he had lived longer so we could review so many more hits that I know he would have gifted us all with. Rock on party people...

Gerri | Reviewer: Gerri Kearns | 2/3/11

I think this song is too depressing and melody is so morbid and when hear this song when flipping through different radio stations I switch it. The thought of a song relevant to someone's deceased mother makes it more morbid. I do agree that there are other Doors songs far better than this!

Dumb | Reviewer: GINS | 11/2/09

I agree Jim Morrison is a lyrical genius but the band and the music is what made the song what it is. Morrison or The Doors didn't even write the song! Overall it does show their diversity as musicians, it's a fun song.

The true creators of this song | Reviewer: Dennis Weiser | 10/27/09

Berthold Brecht (lyrics) and Kurt Weil (music) are the actual creators of this song; it is from "The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny." Not Jim Morrison and The Doors (although I like their rendition).

Good | Reviewer: Rudy | 6/8/09

The Doors in this song show their bodily need for alcohol, to be specific Whiskey is their choice of spirit. They show that they need it but they don’t really know why. And they say without it they will die. Then they get to the whiskey and their feelings come out. They cry out to the Alabama night, they drink in sorrow because their mother has died and they are drinking away their pains of their dead mother

ummm... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/08

I live in Alabama, my mother died when I was very young and i'm an alcoholic and I think that this song just perpetuates my behavior.

Ah- and there are plenty of better Doors songs than this, most of them obscurities and you won't hear on your local drive-time bullshit radio station. :)

hehe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/07

Jim Morrison was probably one of the most gorgeous men to ever live.

love the song too.

JEREMY | Reviewer: JEREMY | 7/21/07


WHISKEY BAR | Reviewer: Jim Morrison | 3/15/07

And must have whiskey, oh, you know why

A great classic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/06

This is an excellent song from the Doors. Jim Morrison was a musical mastermind!