AWSOME! | Reviewer: Jake | 10/2/09

I think this song is simply amazing.It has a relaxed feel to it that can honestly put me to sleep.It is pretty unique from their other stuff,which makes it very interesting.This is by far one of the best from WRAABB.I recommend everyone to buy this song.

Alltogether, I think that TDWP should keep doing stuff like this more often.

amazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/09

i love this song, so different from their usual sound; which by the way i love also.
well, apparently this song is about christ. now, i could be wrong, but it is about christ dying for our sins, which was a selfless act. and "I know i could be better" means we could appreciate this more, and become a little more selfless; which is a relatively small gesture after what he did for us.

I think | Reviewer: Brison Real | 9/10/09

I think the meaning of this song is just everything is going wrong and everyone is talking about it and its so loud hes just like "please just be quiet"
Jeremy is my favorite singer ever
and nothing could chane that

Badass | Reviewer: Casey | 9/1/09

Im not going to sit here and give you some christian meaning to this song, despite the fact they are a very christian band. I think the song is showing that people spend so much time thinking about whats wrong with them and being selfless, they want whatever is going around the world or in their mind to stop, and "be quiet"

LOVE this song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/09

I think the song is about how we don't deserve God's grace, but he gives us his grace anyways. We should all take time to be quiet and listen to His word. I love the contrast of this song in comparrison to their other songs.

Beyond This World Is Worth Dying For | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/09

I think this song is about how people need to be quiet and listen to their spirituality and God. and the chorus is about how if everyone is more selfless, they world and everyone's feelings, emotions, and well being would be better, and we would be better people for it.

maybe. idk.
but i love this song alot. it shows A. jeremy can actually sing. lol
and that they are skilled enough to do contrast songs to their set style. which is amazing. I love it.

absolutely amazing | Reviewer: alexis mcgrath | 8/11/09

i really really like this song. i can kinda relate to the lyrics. and its by far my favorite song from them. louder than thunder is beyondd beautiful & i wouldn't expect any less from them; they're simply amazing.

Haven't been happy to hear a song like this in a long time | Reviewer: Jacko | 5/20/09

Shows how good it is.

I clearly don't understand where this song is going, meaning wise, but it doesn't mean it's no good.

I love the direction they've gone with this song, it's a different pace and they couldn't have pulled it off any better.

Absolutely Beautiful! | Reviewer: Cassandra Lynne | 5/11/09

This song is beautiful. lyric-wise--it's sad, but in a good way! The vocals are clean, and easy to understand, so enchanting. I was really impressed with this album, it's, in my opinion, their best. This song is by far my favorite. It's sad, beautiful, melodic, and I am excited to hear other peoples' feadback.