Gods love for us | Reviewer: Alexandria Kendall | 4/8/14

"I don't think I deserve it; selflessness. Find your way, into my heart." From a Christian point of view, I believe that we don't deserve selflessness from God even though God gives it to us. What this lyric means, it that God gives us His love, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness. We are hurtful cruel human beings that do nothing but torture people. Yet, God still shows us His mercy and love and forgiveness. The only person who is Selfless is, Jesus Christ.

Yeah, son. | Reviewer: Ellie Danos | 3/30/11

Just because the band is religious, doesn't mean every single song they put out is about God or religion. So calm down. Just listen to the music and enjoy it. I think it can be interpreted in many different ways.

But, yeah. The clean vocalist for this band is sooo ace.

Thoughts | Reviewer: Ste | 2/19/11

I think this song is (whether religious or not) about quesioning humanity.

"What would it take for things to be quiet?" When I hear that line it's as if he's trying to figure out why there is so much chaos in the world which roars as loud as thunder at him.

"All stars could be brighter.
All hearts could be warmer." Means to me that humans can be kinder to each other, things can improve in terms of people's kindness to each other.

Definitely is about religion | Reviewer: Taylor Spencer | 2/14/11

This song definitely is about religion. The Devil Wears Prada is a Christian band. The meaning is universal though, no matter what your religious beliefs are. We can all stand to be a little more selfless.

DWP=awsum | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/10

Wow! I luv this song! Have you guys seen the vid?? It's great! Luv it! I don't like to think that this is about religion... I'm not particularly religious at all really... But anyway, I think this is about having enuff of being good... Like he's sick of doing good and being a good person. "I don't think I deserve it;
Selflessness." may mean he doesn't think he deseaves the value of selflessness because it hard and agonizing to forefill.

"Find YOUR way into my heart." I think he wants someone else to make the first move. He doesn't want to make her fall in love with him, he wants HER to make HIM fall in luv with her...
"All stars could be brighter.
All hearts could be warmer." I think here he wants everyone else to pull their sox up! XD
anyway I luv this song, and whatever it means, I don't mind I just luv it! :D
listened to it 2000000 times yesterday!!! It's called a repeat button... USE IT!

True Beauty and True Love... | Reviewer: Brandon Keith Fero | 10/19/10

Where does love originate from? Where does beauty originate from?

The Bible writes that God created Woman for Man from his own rib, and in Woman God gave His emotion, His love, His beauty, an honest-to-God 'lifesaver' (ezer kenegdo) for the Man.

But Man is also meant to love a Woman as he loves himself... a warrior, strong and gentle, who protects and affirms the beauty in the Woman of his choice. And in this, Man has failed many times.

We all do. None of us are pure, none of us are righteous, we are only redeemed in Christ. Praise God.

How badly I want to have a woman to call my own before the Lord God... this song speaks to my loneliness and the warmth I receive from the one I cherish, and how much I long for blessings from the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.


. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/10

To me personally, this song describes exactly how I feel. I'm in a relationship with a person who is completely selfish. They're constantly fighting with me until they get their way, and it really brings me down. At the same time, they've been so great in the past, and I can't seem to let them go. I interpret it as maybe I don't deserve having to give up things in my life to make someone else happy with me. I don't want to be constantly fighting and I just wish they would try to make me happy so I didn't have to sacrifice so much. It's probably not the same for anyone else, but I guess thats just how it is for me.

my interpretation | Reviewer: Kole | 7/16/10

i think the song is just saying that the world is corrupt and its just asking why cant we just be the best we can instead of killing eachother and being the evil things we are? and why cant humanity be better itself?

Smiz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/10

I do not really think religiously, so here's my point of view. When i listen to this song, my life is usually in a slump. I haven friends who live around putting each other down, and finding the worst words to say to make you feel bad. Me being the smallest, the blondest, and having the highest pitched voice usually takes most of the heat. Its been extremely bad recently, and ive built up this where i just pretend like it doesn't affect me. They have even made other people around the school think lower than me...I have no other friends to fall back on, so i find myself staying with these people, and coming home feeling like shit every time. And so this leads me to my interpretation. I feel it is saying that people need to pay attention to how they interact with others, and how noone deserves to live life not how they want. It says that people should shun out all the bad and focus on the good. And even though you NEVER deserve it, shit will still happen, and if it does, move on knowing everything will be better.

Just a verse :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/10

This is just my interpretation of the song- how it has affected me for the better. It is summed up pretty well in Isaiah 1:18 NIV-

18 "Come now, let us reason together,"
says the LORD.
"Though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red as crimson,
they shall be like wool.

This songs reflects that we should do what Christ has done for us. Not to be selfish and to let love abound in our lives. You don't have to be religious for any of these concepts-just willing to do what is right. That is our ultimate purpose. I may not have the experiences that others have endured, but based on what I have seen in this world this seems to be what makes me happy :) and gives me purpose. It may just do that for you too :D

True | Reviewer: Forrest | 3/16/10

True the song may not be about God but it definetly points in that direction, but it is however pointing out that noone is truly selfless, we may do selfless things but we as humans just cant be as selfless as Christ, if we were asked to die on a cross for the ones we loved we probably wouldnt, were to selfish to give our life, and i'm not talking about solders who are giving their lives to protect us and if you dont think thats selfless well your just stupid.

Good Song | Reviewer: Dave | 2/2/10

This song is definitely good, but I think some people need to lay off with the religious aspects. Yeah sure they are a "christian" rock band, but this doesn't necessarily mean its about god. Actually it can be about anything, everyone's output will reflect on their background and how they look at things, but obviously this is definitely about the world. Not to mention look at when this song was made and look at how our country and the world is at this time. Btw, do not think I am attacking religion, personally I have studied religion and ethnography, first thing anyone should learn from studying religion is people miss the whole point of what religion is. God is not religion. Think about that one.

Absolutly amazing!!!! | Reviewer: Forrest | 12/4/09

This song is just amazing and i think it talks about how selfish man is and how no matter how much we think we're selfless we're not, only god and jesus know what true selflessness is, we've never given our life for every ones sins even though we never deserve it he still did it, and we all should "be quiet" and listen to god and let him come into our hearts, then "all hearts would be warmer" and no matter how much we think we understand gods love for us we never will... And iv been through so much and this song gave me the prespective that i needed, we dont deserve anything yet look at what we have, we could live like the homeless we could live like the richest people no matter what we have its nothing compared to gods love, we are nothing without gods love...

Love <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/09

I seriously love this song
it's something else from the devil wears prada
and that's what makes it special.
Im suprised about this song, but the sound, is so beautiful.
Actually i like the whole new album, the best they make i think

Pure amazingness  | Reviewer: Melanie | 11/11/09

I love this song! It is one of my favorite songs by this band and I love them anyway but this song is the song I listen to over and over on my iPod! I wish they would make another one like this and this song reminds me of Theatre of Robots as well. Amazing song and the lyrics are even better! Five stars!!!! All the way