a great story song. | Reviewer: Johnny | 9/3/07

I remember the first time I read this, I literally stopped what I was doing and leaned in to my stereo to hear what happened next. THAT is good story telling.

Epic | Reviewer: Alexander | 7/25/07

A ballad of such epic construction as has not been seen in quantity during these impersonal times. A masterwork of storytelling.

Ummmm....... | Reviewer: I'm scared | 5/30/07

this song is so weird!!! I have to do a SKIT for it, and i am petrified... wakes up naked? what? it's so ODD. I'm sad I had to listen to it!

LOVE IT! | Reviewer: jessica | 5/25/07

I absolutely LOVE this song. the first time i over heard it i fell in love with it. the music the lyrics they are genius.

amazing | Reviewer: stephanie | 5/18/07

I love this song! Though it is long it tells an amazing story that is totaly unrelatable to anything that is why I love it! I recommend it to everyone.
ste rad

Great song | Reviewer: symphonyofdissent | 4/29/07

This song is amazing...As a death metal fan, however, I am dying to hear some band make a death cover of this song....it is sooo perfect for metal :)...When I heard this song live I just felt like slam dancing/moshing like crazy even in this current version

awesome! | Reviewer: sherrybot | 4/25/07

this is song is crazy! but its awesome! sooooooooooo lets go do our work!

Incredible Live | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/07

It is my belief that this song was written almost primarily for live performances. The Decemberists always close with this; and it is spectacular.

wondrous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/07

this is a fantastic song.
though almost 9 minutes long, you barely notice it's length cause you are so captivated by what you're hearing. its like, slow-paced, but fast at the same time. they dot that a lot. it's gorgeous.

Colin Meloy has a marvelous vocabulary, and he penbs some of the greatest lyrics i've ever heard.

nice ballad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/07

this song reminds me very much of moby dick. i wonder if that whale was white. hmmm, i doubt either one of them survived the belly of that whale. such is revenge, it always kills everyone involved.