Yay! | Reviewer: Dr. Eggnog | 9/23/10

I read this song to competitive speaking as a poem and got my best grade I got that year. I might do it again for my english class, or pick another song. maybe on the bus mall or sixteen millitary wives. love em both.

The Tempest | Reviewer: Caroline | 11/16/09

I read somewhere that this medley (also, I think, some other songs from this album) were based on William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. There's at least one direct reference in this - in "Come and See" it mentions Sycorax, who was a witch and the mother of the man/fish creature Caliban.

The Decemberists | Reviewer: Dr. Eggnog | 9/25/09

This is one of my favorite Decemberists songs. I'm going to read it out loud to my Competitive Speaking class as a poem. I doubt they would know that it's not a poem unless I told them! That's how good this band is.

Amazing | Reviewer: Chiya | 2/11/08

(Josh, someone heard this song and told me that it was in the movie The Island.)

This song is great, I remember when I downloaded it I thought I'd never listen to a 12-minute song by some random band I'd never heard of--now it's one of my favourite songs. I picture it at different times of the day, starting out in the early morning and ending in the evening

Amazing Song | Reviewer: josh w | 1/4/08

This song is unbelievable dramatic, but in such a great way. This song could be used for the introduction to a movie - I mean its three songs combined into one amazing song and it has three different moods - it starts off slow and really picks up in the middle. The Landlord's Daughter is my favorite part of the song. The line "I'll take no gold miss, I'll take no silver, I'll take those sweet lips! And Thou will deliver!" is my favorite part of the whole song.