Amazing | Reviewer: David | 8/17/10

It's nice to know people are finally giving The Decemberists due credit for being hyperliterate and altogether smarter than most of the music out today. I'll accept that the attention is due in no small part to a television show. But if you like wordy music, the Decemberists is for you.

Thankyou Google & U Tube | Reviewer: Bob | 9/26/08

First heard the song as backround music on the TV show MadMen, from that point was obsessed by the music, and few words I could understand. My son found it first on Google where it had the lyrics, then on U Tube, I watched the video, and read the words on Google. Amazing song, Can' stop listening to it. Thanks

Used on episode 6 of Mad Men, Season 2 | Reviewer: Lisafer | 9/1/08

In case anyone is wondering, "The Infanta" is the music over the opening bra-donning sequence. That info is buried deep in the Mad Men website so hopefully googlers will find it more easily this way!

wow! a vocab lesson! | Reviewer: Laura | 7/18/07

I actually had to look up a ton of words in this song. It's kind of ridiculous. And awesome.

folderol | Reviewer: Mark | 6/12/07

I'm so happy they used this great word. I've just been talking about it lately with my girlfriend, who had no idea what it was. My mother always used to use it.

amazing | Reviewer: Steven | 5/9/07

I LOVE this song, i love the driving pulse, and the amazing lyrics. one of my favourites. :)

Deborah | Reviewer: jackie Brown | 3/14/07

You know how I know Deborah is gay. I smell her gayness

Converted | Reviewer: Deborah | 9/17/05

"Huh?" This is the average listener's average response to this song. But surrender to its driving rhythm and the lushness of the lyrics will gradually enfold and convert. Really, who can long resist a song that includes "palanquin" "largesse" and "rhapsodical". And we'll all come praise the infanta, indeed.