I'm a nerd. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/11

I don't think the idea of Miranda offing her baby's father works. There's at least one recording of them playing "We Both Go Down Together" where Colin introduces it by saying "This is a song about a joint suicide." Which seems to rule out anything other than they both meant to kill themselves and succeeded.

if this helps... | Reviewer: Savannah | 9/9/09

As far as I am aware, this song was a sequel to "We Both Go Down Together". Colin never meant to write it, it just...happened. Basically, with the two songs the story is that a rich man fell in love with a poor girl (Miranda) who did not love him back, so he raped her and was delusioned into thinking they loved each other. Then, he took her so they could suicide together, but she pushed him off a cliff. At the time, she was pregnant...with Leslie Anne Levine. Of course, upon Leslie's birth, Miranda dies, hence the "noone left to mourn me" bit. That's as much as I know, take what you like from it...

This song makes me cry. | Reviewer: Erin Eldridge | 9/6/07

This is one of the more beautiful songs I've heard in the past 2 years. I'm glad to hear a song with actual meaning.

Spooky, Beautiful | Reviewer: Kristian | 6/7/07

This is such a great song, so melancholy, so beautiful, like so many Decembrists songs...

Bravo | Reviewer: ERIC GREENE | 12/5/04

This song proves to me that the music is still alive. Haunting lyrics, I am sure the intent was to do this. Powerfull, I had a vision as I ly in my bed listening to this.