The Cure never ceases to amaze... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/11

i was just goin' thru random songs and this one blew me away!!!!! it's different yet classic Cure. if Robert Smith dies,so will a piece of me. a big piece. The Cure has,and still is,getting me thru tuff times. LONG LIVE THE CURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

masterpiece | Reviewer: Sleepdriver | 8/28/10

This song is the best track by The Cure ever, followed by Gone!, Where The Birds Always Sing, Kyotosong and Lullaby! Wonderful videogame-like chords, killer guitar riffs, great chorus, catchy synth lines, everything is excellent!

blows me away, you little genius! | Reviewer: Carmie | 4/14/10

Every time I listen to this song it blows me out of the water with this man's genius. Just tapping at the edge of my consciousness with the implied and evocative lyrics. I actually have no precise notion of what its author is saying... exactly... but I seem to get it anyway and it continues to taunt me. so cool I love you Smithy xxx fan from ages past