^.^ | Reviewer: etreblaRocks | 8/23/09

You're SO right Akari. Being a FANATIC Cure fan myself, I don't understand why they would play that kind of bad pop anyway--like Leona Lewis, or Lady GaGa. And it's so annoying, it gets stuck on your brain for hours on end. I hate it!
But I love The Cure. ;D

ONE OF THE MOST COOLEST SONGS EVER | Reviewer: Akari | 7/31/08

This is an AWESOME song. The remix is just as good. Too bad they don't play this stuff on the radio, instead we are driven into insanity by Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love" and "G-Fly" and all the other tasteless musicians out there. Most of them don't even write their own songs. You know why? Because they're too stupid. lol. Check out the group Depeche Mode too. We need to hear more of them on the radio too.