A hauntingly beautiful moment with this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/13

...it's gonna stick with me forever. I had The Cure playing on my playlist. I knew the marine in my life was going to leave me any minute for the final time before deployment, and the playlist was the perfect soundtrack. It was so surreal.. as this song started, I saw his face morph into brief horror and then back to calm... we stared at each other, kissed desperately and then he left. All while this song was playing. I know I couldn't understand the flashback from previous deployments he had, I could only be human with him.

THE BEST | Reviewer: Frazzle | 4/12/13

This is the best album, very deep indeed, the cure were so underated only because most public have no idear and listern only to whats rammed down their throats, the wishy - washy fake factory crap of the eighties, ...LONG LIVE THE CURE...I didnt care he was a goth when i first heard Robs tunes, along with THE SISTERS OF MERCY, I love them both and sing cure songs all the time on acoustic and always will....to deep for shallow minds...

Moving | Reviewer: mtw220 | 9/9/11

I remember the Cure from back in the day. Of course all the popular songs. I just realy started listning and getting to other material. Man was I missing out on something. This song The same deep water as you is just moving, dark, full of emotions. The lyrics themselves will have you tearing away at the meaning. Most people I know wouldn't believe I'm into the Cure, but who's problem is that. Not mine. Can't help when a song touches my soul, no matter the genre.

can't put words on it ... | Reviewer: Curist | 11/24/10

Just can't ... This is song means a lot to me, as a hughe number of ppl i guess. All i have to say is i just can't put words on the feeling i have while i'm listening to this song ( and also the entire album ) Cure will always live in my heart, always...

Pure Beauty | Reviewer: LunaVega | 1/30/10

I love the cure. I have a deep respect for RS's lyric writing ability. This song also inspired the best paintings I have ever made. Disintegration, the entire album is haunting and pure emotion..The cure for me is a conduit I can connect to that makes me feel like someone knows exactly what my soul speaks.
I love this song. I would have to say its my favorite song of all time.

As for the lyrics... it can mean so many things... loves lost, loves found and unrequited, or love found but not at the same level of passion... to me it means two lovers who are intensely in true love and have a hard time staying afloat because of pride...the pride that happens when you find yourself helpless as the other person, because they are your everything.. with out them you drown... with them you drown IN them....leaving little of your own identity. Hope that made sense. thus the lyric.."The same deep water as you"....

A perfect song! | Reviewer: figurehead | 11/12/09

One of my absolute favourite songs. I think that you can find in this song some of the greatest lyrics in the history of music.

In my mind this song talks about a lot of things.

First of all about the things we never live because we don't dare to try! So when we loose our chance for happiness, we live regreting for the rest of our lives.
This is why the hearts shake when we listen to the words "can't you see i try swimming the same deep water as you is hard" and the reply is "the shallow drowned lose less than we"
Until the end... a life
" but tightly hold up silently my hands
before my fading eyes and in my eyes your smile the very last thing before i go... "

There is another view then... it's a feeling that Robert wrote a lot of songs about. The feeling when you love something "bigger" than you can deal with

This song haunts me, or renders me haunted | Reviewer: Antonie | 9/24/09

I used to make art. This song inspired some of my most beautiful works, which are now probably lost in the river of time that life is. The song haunts me with memories of love both found and lost, and sometimes I just listen to it. There are days when this song still makes me weep. I love most of the material the Cure has put out over the years, but this album was their swan-song for me. Especially this song, and 'Homesick'. My sweetie is asleep, and I'm going to go top up my beer, and reset the vinyl...

POWERFUL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/09

THis song is so moving, it blows me away everytime i hear it, its so hypnotic,dark,thundering,beautiful and i don't say the word "beautiful" very often, this song is absolutly perfect,100000000000000/10

Quintessential Cure | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/09

This is to me his most hauntingly beautiful song ever. I mean I do love all of Disintegration album (?), not to mention 99% of all his songs, but this is just perfect. Elegant, haunting,like a impressionist waterpainting. At least to me it is. And by the way, has anyone figured out the meaning to the lyrics? I think he's talking about a murder/suicide pact. Am I correct? Or what are the thoughts out there on this? I honestly need to know. I've been wracking my brain about this for the past 10 years, at least.

amazing | Reviewer: tres potts | 1/9/08

this song is nothing short of heart-wrenchingly beautiful. nearly ten minutes of emotionally moving lyrics. it takes me away to tearful memories of the past each time I listen to it.

song hits afterfinding out info you dont want to know | Reviewer: jeff | 10/21/07

Wow what a powerful song. I had just gotten news abot somebody whom i deeply cared about, and then this song started to play. Wow how powerful are those lyrics? 10 minutes of Robert Smith singing the way my heart feels.

beautiful | Reviewer: that weird one in the back | 10/18/07

the lyrics are awsome but you have to listen to the song to enjoy it. the song is like ten minutes long and in the background it is thundering.
so beautifuly dark

~"yes, the weird one in the back"
"hey i might be a WEIRDO but at least i'm not UGLY"~