Eden Lost | Reviewer: Peter Giles | 1/14/12

I believe this song is clearly about the Fall of Adam and Eve. They are clearly in Paradise at the beginning of the song. "Creatures kissing in the rain" "catching haloes on the moon" "shapeless and no need to speak" this indicates to me that they have no self-consciousness and no need for sleep or clothes...until something bad happens in the heat of the night. The animals scream as now they are mortal. Falling from the sky jumping out of time...maybe Adam and Eve being banished with Lucifer and falling out of the sky coming to Earth. "Wearing furs and masks" hiding their bodies in shame and self-awareness. "Cover my face as the animals die" being responsible for their demise due maybe to disobedience.

Creepy Nights | Reviewer: KiKe | 9/22/08

Like an evil symphony, a crazy, delicious kind of nameless poetry, this guys used to made me gone mad the first time i heard it, but the fear, the unpredictable meaning of this lyric makes you see this terryfing FIGURES dancing in the garden´s rain like an abstract interpretation of an animal, human terror from the dark childhood that we ever have dreamt, even in our scariest nightmares. I usually write my own lyrics,(actually i´ve wrote a dozen unpublished songs, unfortunatelly...)and that song, like the gruesome of +hE CuRe lyric´s,made me ask me how it takes to make the most unspeakable remain of feelings, whatever it is, terror, angry, love or passion, and how the fuck did Robert Smith get so closely to the perfect form of this stylish kind of terror.
Anyway, it makes me work pretty hard, and i actually admit that they are the purest inffluence i´ve ever had to write.
Thanks, guys! and Cheers 4 Ur Site, Keep On!!

I love the cure! | Reviewer: eliza | 10/25/07


I went to there conset and i'm only 8 :)


Robert smith is hot :)

in one word? amazing | Reviewer: The..FigureHead | 10/13/07

i love this song, the music is fantastic and you dont know what to think when you hear it.
everytime i listen to it i can interpret the lyrics in so many different ways.

gawd i love the cure so much!