The frowning gran | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/14

Just one of the dozens of classic tunes written by the cure from 1980-1992. Let's face it after wild mood swings in 96 it was clear they wouldn't return to their earlier genius. Still some good tunes but no great albums. Great music should be enjoyed not analysed. The drowning man is quite simply a fucking good song ripped off from a poem my good people.

Gormenghast | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/10

Based on Mervyn Peakes "The Gormenghast Trilogy"

Fuchsia is Titus's sister. At times impatient, immature, and self-absorbed, she can also be extremely warm and caring. At first, she resents Titus, but soon develops a deep bond with him. Of all Titus's family, she is the one he loves most. Fuchsia also develops a very close, but brief bond with her father, Lord Sepulchrave during his final mental breakdown after the Library Fire. Broken by disappointment and disillusionment, she is killed as she accidentally slips from the windowsill where she is only contemplating suicide - and striking her head on the stonework, drowns unconscious, in the floodwaters surrounding the Castle. She thus tragically never realises her true potential.

The song's inspiration | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/10

‘The Drowning Man’ is NOT about suicide!

It's inspired by the character ‘Fuchsia Groan’ in Mervyn Peake's huge gothic novel ‘Gormenghast’. She's a romantic princess, she tends to 'live in her own world', and she is melancholic after finding out that the man she fell in love with is not what he claimed to be, but is a social-climbing criminal responsible for the murder of her father, but she is *not* a suicide.

In the novel (and in the song), Fuchsia's death is *accidental*:
"Starting at the violent sound,
She tries to turn, but final, noiseless,
Slips and strikes her soft dark head,
The water bows, receives her,
And drowns her at its ease"

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How I take it | Reviewer: Jackie | 10/16/08

I've felt suicide's call, so loudly at times but there is love out there, by someone you haven't met yet (and I don't mean R. Smith, necessarily) but an honorable, compassionate friend who watches a beautiful girl try to kill herself, and he avails himself, and has even felt drawn into the same sadness as she, but he is stronger and offers her help. There is hope in this song, even through the's too late for Fushia but not for us!!! We haven't met everyone we're supposed to meet yet, so we can't draw conclusions from past relationships.

pure poetry | Reviewer: Fuchsia | 11/4/07

One of my favourite Cure song, everytime I listen to it, I feel like I'm drowning in the music, I can hear the waves, the water breathing, and everytime I picture Fuchsia falling, like of some kind of helpless angel... the lyrics are so beautiful, so heartbreaking...