hmmm | Reviewer: sylvia | 3/10/13

really this is what you think? Lemon lies is just to give color to his lies and what he wants is for her to dust it (with pink and sweet-somehing obviously good and innicent) so she won`t know that he is lying.... cos if she won`t (dust it) she will know how is he lying and this a is the day when he will stop (lying) and she will change and fly away..from him

interpretations | Reviewer: anon | 10/25/11

i have loved this song for decades and it holds different meanings as i get older.

my interpretation: he is in love with a woman, full of beauty and hope that he feels he doesn't possess and once she sees him for who he really is she's blossomed into something new. the only way he can let her continue to be herself is to let her go, which is his greatest fear and sadness.

I don't get your interpretations of this song | Reviewer: Roddy | 2/21/11

What I get from these lyrics is that the writer (Robert Smith) is smitten with a beautiful woman that fills up his lonely heart and makes him feel good, yet he doesn't want to fall in love, but can't help but fall in love. He doesn't want to fall in love because he knows it will hurt too bad when she changes and flies away from him, then its back to being lonely again. Dusting his lemon lies (lemons are bitter to the taste) means he's in love with her and he's bitter because he lies to her that he isn't in love with her, but really he is. He is so struck with her that he can't tell her the truth because if he does then she will change and fly away from him. So he saves face and sugar coats his words to keep her with him.

Just my take on it. =) Your is what you will it to be I guess.

Not Feminine at All | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/09

I believe the "lemon lies" Robert Smith is dusting with pink powder are the stamens, or male parts, of a flower, where the pollen is. His (typical male) lies are bitter, so he coats them with a bright, sweet powder to attract a nice larval bug. But he knows that as soon as he stops covering up his lies, the bug/girl will mature into a butterfly/woman and fly away. Note that lemons are not only bitter, but also traditionally phallic in rock, as in "squeeze my lemon". So there's really three levels of metaphor going on, some of which are dirtier than others, and all of which are very male.

His voice, however, is feminine, I admit.

great song | Reviewer: Tony | 11/14/04

Interesting cool lyrics "...dust my lemon lies, with power pink and sweet..."

Somewhat feminine, well orchestrated, and enjoyable song.