school project | Reviewer: azhotty | 7/5/12

this song is a really good one for a school project. say if u have a book that relates to this song. there will have to be one answer for the book/
just the song lyrics and the title of band and song.
if u have questions about this read the book
shipbreaker and u will see why i say this

The dark essence of the Cure | Reviewer: soggy9000 | 7/27/11

I'm not sure this song is merely a lament about lost youth; I suspect Robert is saying something deeper, but I don't know what it is. All I do know is that this is my favorite Cure song. Its placement as the final track on The Head on the Door lends that otherwise upbeat album a chilling aftertaste, and it offers a hint of what was to follow (namely, the astonishing Disintegration).

A hymn to youth! | Reviewer: Nikos | 11/12/09

Try to listen to the song on your 30th (or later) birthday and you'll feel unbelievably old!
It is most strange that Robert wrote the song when he was 23-24 years old and felt like that!!!
But then again it's Robert Smith we're talking about. He can feel anything and most important he can make you feel the same...