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THE CURE - THE GREATEST BAND EVER!!! | Reviewer: Eric | 6/25/07

I really love this band ever since I heard their records during the 80's. They are so diverse, from gloom to pop (sounding I suppose) to gloom again! What a band! I just wish they would one day go to our country the Philippines to perform. HEY! They have been to Asia (Japan) and Australasia but they skipped Southeast Asia! Please Robert come to our land and bless us with your songs!!!!

>.< the cure!! | Reviewer: Rach | 6/16/07

Okay, so I wish I was alive in the 80s, im only 14 so that sucks. The Cure is probably my favorite band ever. Mint Car and Caterpillar are my favorite songs... I love Robert Smith too, and it makes me sick to see that he is producing a song with Ashlee Simpson (her and her sister make me sick). Around where I live, The Cure would never come... so it makes me sad, quite sad. I love this band and every song they have is unique in its own way >,<!!

Hyvää Palvää,

amazing | Reviewer: Julian | 6/3/07

I'm from China and crazy about many British bands.I just wanna say the Cure is very very Amazing.Boys don't cry,six different ways,etc. so cool.

OMG | Reviewer: Amanda | 5/24/07

Oh My God i luv the Cure so much. Catapillar is my fav.. all time & i luv Never Enoughs vid.

The Cure : My Treasure | Reviewer: beachippie | 5/8/07

The Cure, my treasure, my pleasure of all time.
I heard that they're gonna held a concert at singapore on aug 1st? Is this true? Coz if it is, ill come in a heartbeat! (I'm from Indonesia btw)


Please confirm this rumor.. thanks..

THE CURE OF MY PAIN | Reviewer: YORK | 4/23/07


Hullo | Reviewer: ely pratiwi | 2/15/07

I don't really know about the cure, but I really like the them...

MM....pls come to concert in indonesia | Reviewer: eldy | 2/20/07 so wait a concert the cure in indonesia

Robert Smith is WOW! | Reviewer: lupe | 2/5/05

I am of the 80's music. I miss those days so very badly but I really miss all the fun and excitement I had while listening to Robert Smith and the Cure. I cried while watching them play on VH1 not too long ago. I feel the same as many of us do, my fantasy would be to go back into the 80's and re-play my days or to see the Cure in concert. The Cure will always have a spot in my heart and memories. I love them deeply

The Cure | Reviewer: Alexis | 10/20/04

Wow. The Cure constantly proves to be the best band I've heard. Their music continues to amaze me. It's incredible. I feel that I can relate in many ways to their music. And their songs are ALWAYS stuck in my mind.

And even though I will admit that I'm only in my teens, I am looking forward to listening to The Cure and passing them down to my kids as my mom did for me.

It's awesome that The Cure produces a music that can be catchy to adults as well as kids.

The Cure is the best and so far the only item on my "Before I Die.." list is to see them live. I can only imagine how amazing it would be.

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