Amazing song | Reviewer: Chinaski | 4/23/12

For me the song is about an elderly couple going for a walk and stopping to look at the sea maybe. I believe that the woman may be dying and the man does not yet know it. Even after all those years the man still feels the excitement and uncertainty of being utterly in love with a woman who only has to smile to make his world complete.

Epic | Reviewer: jpvrftw | 1/11/11

It always amazes me, more than twenty years down the line, how the Cure can create such luscious and deep soundcapes with unbelievably simple melodies. They are masters of the art of introspective music.

This song in particular makes me daydream constantly about my beautiful girlfriend. She is my world and this song (almost) does her justice. =)

Grand Love | Reviewer: Ryon | 11/20/08

This song is about the weight of the world and the resposibility of the perfect love between a man and a woman. Perfect song to listen to when looking down at the earth after you die (but not yet).

Great song | Reviewer: jose Siguencia | 6/13/07

One of my favourite songs great Lyrric Great Robert and wonderful music