My thoughts on "Open"....The Cure | Reviewer: Serano | 11/16/14

Okay then,
I didn't understand a couple lines....for me it's very familiar. Party...always the same.."this IT" I've become...when my life's become "numb"...

I really think it sums up the whole "Sex, drugs, R&R" in a nut shell...
I think Robert Smith, Simon, the whole band are AMAZING! But RS is a genius in terms of his brilliant writing and just the lyrics seem so relatable, but he's the only song writer that says what we are all thinking. For me anyway-

Serano in SF

Exactly like that | Reviewer: Laura | 10/19/08

It's exactly like that, and it's horrible.

Yesterday night I did things I don't even wanna remember. I'm so ashamed. I feel more stupid than ever. I'll never do it again, I'm serious.

One drink may be fine, but avoid all the rest guys. Don't mess up your life, it's really no good.