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------ performed by The Cure

Best Band Ever | Reviewer: Burn Boy | 11/28/09

Not i single i have found that sounds average every song is great........ lyrics, singing, music .... everything just touch deep inside heart.... I wish that in future we'll be seeing Bands like 60's, 70's, 80's n 90's.... mostly 70's

Musical Guinness | Reviewer: Mr. X | 6/12/08

Robert Smith will go down in history as musical Guinness. From the “3 imaginary Boys” until now he never seems to stop surprising his fans. Great lyrics and music. Disintegration is the peak of the Cure impressive resume. One of the all time greatest albums.

Many songs like “Cold”, “Babble”, “more than this”; “2late” would have been major hits but ended up as “B-side or special releases. Great man, great music….Thank you Robert

I love the cure songs! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/07

I will always love Robert Smith's lyrics...
They are just wonderful...
I think that The Cure music will always remind me of a great stage in my life...

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