Dark Fairytale | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/07

I don't like to look for hidden meanings in every song, for my this is just a dark fairytale, a very beautiful one.

Lullaby by The Cure | Reviewer: El Che | 9/9/07

This has got to be one of the most beautiful songs out there. the instruments and the vocals just melt together like the wax of a candle. and the song it's about a nightmare.

About the song Lullaby performed by The Cure | Reviewer: Kelly | 9/9/07

I don't know if the song is about child abuse,, well, it may be,, who knows,, i just want to say that this song is really nice and has a kind of erotism,,,,,,, i love it!

Death by HIV? | Reviewer: Batzenkatz | 9/3/07

Lullaby is a story of a gay prostitute. Traditionally, red-&-white stockings were worn by whores ("on candystriped legs, the Spiderman comes"). What's more, he's a gay prostitute who has AIDS and not only is infecting others ("looking for the victims") but his past is scattered with victims ("stealing past the windoes of the blissfully dead"). Robert Smith, playing a savvy but easily seduced client, has sex with this prostitute with the knowledge that he'll be infected, too ("and i know that in the morinng i will wake up in the shivering cold"--shivering, as the "victims shivering in bed" are) and the Spiderman will go on as he has (and the Spiderman is always hungry").
This is just one of those songs that's as creepy as it is sexy, as haunting as it is horribly twisted...but then, aren't we all?

6 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/07

I really don't care if it talks about drugs, about dreams or whatever. I really like this song and I care what it represent for me. It's like a erotic lullaby, it pacify me and push me high.

That's just perfect.

one step ahead of the spider | Reviewer: richarquis | 8/28/07

to all the trainspotters: there's a reference for you to scratch over. see if you can do it without google. maybe try a record store. now, for my part, i've always thought of him as an artist, which involve imagination, which means making things up. if you want autobiography, go write one. the man is just doing what artists do - creating. you cant know his reasons for what he does any more than he or i or anyone could of yours. unless you wrote those memoirs, of course. relax and enjoy the music, they work hard to share it with you.

sad | Reviewer: clara | 8/26/07

this is a very sad song, so i love it. i donĀ“t think thath this song is about abuse of heroin but indirectly its about abuse of drugs.

Lullaby | Reviewer: Sweetheart | 8/22/07

I think this is the sexiest song i have ever heard. I still remember the first time i heard this song and was utterly turned on. It's not about child abuse or drugs but reoccurring dream of Robert Smith's.

Not at all!!! | Reviewer: Deirdre | 8/17/07

This song is not about child abuse!!! I hate when people destroy songs with such tripe like that! It's about the desecration of innocence & erotiscim. There might be homosexual leanings, but ultimately, it's about the power of suggestion. I find this song really sensual in a scary kind of a way - it's my favourite Cure song. I think it's purpose was to shock, to play on taboo - they were Goth's after all!

older guy loves it | Reviewer: Richard | 8/15/07

I'm now 62 and have been listening to this song since it came out on the Mixed Up cd. I've probably listend to this cd hundreds of times and will continue as long as i live.

It is amazing

Meaning | Reviewer: Spider | 8/8/07

This song is very obviously about child abuse, not heroin! Read the words! And the fact that it's called 'Lullaby'. Possibly the most sinister lyrics ever written... genius.

molestation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/07

thats honestly what the lyrics are saying to me and Ive heard before of Robert being molested as a child so maybe. I dont know about you but I love this song. My favorite of all time. And thats coming from a 90's child. 1990 to be exact.

Amazing | Reviewer: Randi | 7/25/07

I must be pretty screwed up because I think this song calms me down but turns me on at the exact same time...lol. I didn't really think of it to be related to child abuse or drugs. I love the way it sounds as well, really catchy. The lyrics are also amazing.

sensual | Reviewer: zoe | 7/22/07

Its the most sensual song ever.. If Robert S wanted to show real fear in the song, it wouldnt have been so smooth in melody, we know that from other cure songs.. brilliant :)

drugs | Reviewer: daniellehomie | 6/21/07

i think this song has nothign to do with abusing a child or any sort, but more with drugs. if you shoot up heroine, you get shivers and hallucinations (spiderman) and other symptoms.

just throwing it out there...