In agreemant with Bryony | Reviewer: Wicked | 6/13/07

im american and i too was born around 1991 and i love this song!!
the cure is probably in my top three favourite bands.
but anyways yes this song is great, and im glad someone else found it erotic so now i know im not crazy.

than you | Reviewer: tiger woods | 5/25/07

I think this is a great song. But Diego Maradona smokes pot all day and i can't sleep because of that.
This is Mary Jane's nightmare.
Thank You for being so lovely.

I love this song... | Reviewer: Ricky | 4/30/07

The first time I heard this song, I was hooked. I look at the lyrics of this song on all the lyric pages but I can't find what he says at the end after 'The spiderman is always hungry...' He says something, then '...said the spider to the fly' then he says something else I can't understand. It's bugging the hell out of me.

One of the most distinctive songs of The Cure | Reviewer: Antoine de Saint Exupery | 4/21/07

Well for starters this song has a very catchy tune that will get you hooked up. If you are a more serious fan you will not get less than what you expect. With the usual superiority that characterizes The Cure's lyrics, Lullaby easily hits the target.

commento | Reviewer: sofia | 4/17/07

this song it's something's sexy, sensual, herotic

spiderrmnnanana | Reviewer: Bryony | 3/17/07

this song is simply perfect. i was born in 1991 and i appreciate its sound !

---- | Reviewer: Miss Melidandra | 3/3/07

The first thime I heard that song,I got really scared.So,if I have to describe it in three words,they would be"original","clostraphobic" and "scarry".
This song is really a nice way.

lovely | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/07

sounds to me less homoerotic than like a story by an abused child. so sweet, innocent and horrible...*sigh*

Kiss from Spiderman | Reviewer: ashle | 12/13/06

Simply excellent. One of their best singles. The video is my favorite too. This song is pure classic :)

Ha! | Reviewer: | 10/2/06

It's one of the most homoerotic songs that I know, and one of my favourites for that!

Lullaby | Reviewer: Lovecats | 7/29/05

Although this is very different for The Cure's songs, if you take the time to listen to it, I think you can understand this 'aquired taste' single. It's very clostraphobic, much like agloomeier version of 1985's 'Close To Me'.