hoo !! | Reviewer: mai | 2/8/08

I love this song, sometimes when i was more younger than now, i have a nightmare with a horrible spider and when i woke up his body seems to be in my room, was very real, i will never forget that!!

PD:at this age i still don't now what marihuana wass so don't make strange suposittionss

Sex, depression? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/08

This song is about sexual abuse. It says that in the morning he will wake up in the shivering cold, which means he will not die. I can't see it being anything else except depression, which also fits. The Cure always have double meanings to songs, no matter what it looks like on the outside.

This is a lullaby? | Reviewer: NaNa | 1/29/08

This not a lullaby I would use for my grandchildren, it would cause them to have horrible nightmares. It speaks of death and dying and being eaten by a spider...come on what child wants to go to sleep with that as the last thing they think of at night.

passionte performance | Reviewer: ilia | 1/5/08

the song has a great melody, but also the way smith is singing, like he is feeling it, of course.. even if you don't get the meaning of the song..you can love it, because of smith's voice,,,,,

Nightmares! | Reviewer: Stripes | 12/22/07

When Robert Smith was a youngin, he always had a re-occuring dream that he was being eaten by a giant spider.
Thats what its about.
Not sex.
Not drugs.
I mean I know hes the poster-boy for 80's psuedo-goth but thats it. A dream. (But yes I love Robert Smith too!!)

What it's about? | Reviewer: sarah | 12/14/07

This brilliant song is taken after the brilliant children's book "The Spider and the Fly"....it's one of my kids' favorite books...and this is one of my favorite songs :)

Ok | Reviewer: SOL | 12/7/07

May be this song, talks about a boy who is being raped..i don't know.
But melody is really nice. It's like being reading a horrible new but it does not matter because you feel caught by the music.
Just that...kisses!

Best Song Ever... | Reviewer: Cristy | 11/29/07

I love the poetic genius of Robert Smith. You just don't hear songs with strong lyrics anymore and Robert Smith combines true-life experience with joy and pain in his songs. "Lullaby" is my favorite song of all time.

XXMCR_LoVeR-4LiFeXX | Reviewer: Claire | 11/25/07

I love this song soo much!! alot of my friends think i am weird because I like the cure but i dont care theyre awsome!!

Review on Lullaby by the Cure | Reviewer: No Name | 11/22/07

This is probably my favorite song by the cure. The way the instruments are played sounds wonderfully beautiful, and Robert's haunting whisper vocals sound great. I don't really know what he's singing about, but I don't care, I jus listen to the song cuz it sounds gud.
btw, check out the hanging garden as well, it's another really gud song by this band!

It is about drugs... | Reviewer: Mik3~ | 11/11/07

or one kind of drug inparticular! We all know Robert Smith has delt with drugs before and it wouldn't be surpriseing that this could actually be about the way he feels when he was taking drugs! He's said it before and he knows what hes gone through with drugs, but the song isn't necesarily talking about his experience with drugs alone. He can also be talking about the fear of love, a bad dream he had, and for whatever twisted means of sexual experiences he's come across in his life. The song is twisted and you have to take in consideration everything he's trying to explain in it! When Robert writes, he knows the kind of reaction he's trying to get which is beyond any single reaction from a person!

Gosh.. | Reviewer: Tina | 11/6/07

This song is, as stated before, not insanely deep or anything! It's just a beautiful, macabre song of a guy's nightmare, not child abuse or drugs or shit. It's just a great song by a great band, so stop being so overly insightful and just admire the beauty of the song.

you can stop now. | Reviewer: Jazz | 10/30/07

this song doesnt have a hidden meaning in it.
have you ever thought that a song from such an awesome band didnt have to be about drugs, whores, sex or any other typical thing? no. you didnt. cause you most likely jumped to conlcusions. how about actually sitting down and listening to the song for what its of. a nightmare. not to mention..the music video? yeah. watch it and pay attention. hes in his bed. and the only other person that would be there is the Spiderman. no whores. so this is your time to stop and enjoy the brilliant song for what it is.

Tiago | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/07

musica muito sebem.
pissas pa vcs tds,eu axo k esta musica fala do renato a ser abusado pelo makukula todas as noites..

sem poder fazer nada.

Um. No. | Reviewer: Emily | 10/24/07

The story of a gay prostitute? Secret references to hooker stockings? That is the single most contrived interpretation of any song that I have ever heard.

Drugs? Sure. Sexy dreams? No prob. Loss of innocence? Whatever. Extremely detailed story about getting AIDS from a gay prostitute? Not so much.