confusingly sexy | Reviewer: paula | 9/24/08

I think when hearing those lyrics you can find sensuality, specially 'cause of the whispering, the slow beat, everything is set up to make you think about whatever but the song lyrics or title,but I think is about seduction obiously

goethe? | Reviewer: sarah | 9/22/08

this song really makes me think about a poem of Goethe. in this poem, a little boy is slightly being taken away off his father arms, and there's a king of aulnes that says exactly this "dont struggle like that or i will love you more". at the end the boy dies, his father helpless, as for he couldnt see the "thing" taking his son away... this spiderman is like a dreamt creature for little boys, which symbolizes fear, death, dark (spiders).in the comic book, he was used to be changed in the "good guy" as if everything has 2 sides.

Very creative | Reviewer: wavey | 8/16/08

I always found this song creative since the first time i heard it. Very nice song and very good to listen to. It is clearly a song about S*x "Come into my parlour", said the spider to the fly... "I have something here for you"
I love it

My take on the song | Reviewer: will | 8/6/08

In plain words the song is about being raped by the spiderman. But with the cure there are thoughts behind every word. I think Robert Smith chose spiderman because spiderman traps things, which goes along with the helplessness theme going on in this song. Lyrics such as 'don't struggle like that i will only love you more. But its much too late to get away or turn on the light, the spiderman is having me for dinner tonight.

Sorry this whole this is so jumbled, i was very tired when i wrote it

mmmmm....... | Reviewer: coulditbesatan | 7/25/08

this is one of the most audibly provocative songs ive ever heard...AND I LOVE IT....(right ladies!) be honest before i ever even knew what in the hell he was whispering on about,i pictured a very dark and sexy scene between a man and a woman dancing for him..but actually the different ways she would move her body would toutch him differently...mentally..kinda like a real mind f%*k..make any sense? but now after i have read the lyrics i really think this song could be about shooting heroine or something along that nature...the spiderman was his indian..(r.e. jim morrisons indian)..whatever the case from start to finish the song is absolutley BRILLIANT.......................chow

:) | Reviewer: Vicky | 6/28/08

Hmm... it's CLEARLY not a lullaby; actually, this song is intended to be THE OPPOSITE of a lullaby (for those who are surprise for the ronic title)... but, as many of you has said, I really like this song ^^, even with the twisted lyrics, it's mellow: the strings, the whispered voice, the soft beat... it's kinda beautiful :)

:) | Reviewer: Vicky | 6/28/08

Hmm... it's CREALY not a lullaby; actually, this song is intended to be THE OPPOSITE of a lullaby (for those who are surprise for the ronic title)... but, as many of you has said, I really like this song ^^, even with the twisted lyrics, it's mellow: the strings, the whispered voice, the soft beat... it's kinda beautiful :)

brilliantly haunting. | Reviewer: Laurenn. | 5/29/08

I think this song is brilliant.
It creates the sense of suspense with the string instruments and the quiet whispers of Robert's voice.
I could listen to this song over and over again.
I also think it is brilliant in the fact that it is called "Lullaby" but is clearly not a lullaby and is probably more a nightmare.
I don't think there is any hidden meaning, I just think Robert, being the creatively creepy man he is, had a nightmare one night and decided to write a song about it. And it turned out beautifully.

haunts you with his lullaby | Reviewer: greenkween | 5/22/08

This song is about nightmares and was called Lullaby cos I guess Robert Smith just wanted to be ironic.

Regardless, it's an amazing, timeless, haunting song that you don't need need to know the "hidden meaning" -- or whatever other people are trying to decipher -- to enjoy this song.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Christal | 5/18/08

I have no comment on what the song is about because none of us really have any way of knowing what the intentions are but I just plain love this song. lyrics aside smiths voice and the string instruments and tempo are almost sexy. Its old but still current. I'm planning a huge half sleeve tattoo based on this song, a big window with creepy tree outlines in the moonlight and a person covered up to their nose in bed and a large looming spider with "candy striped legs". Lots of purples and blues. I cant wait!

Wonderful | Reviewer: Laura | 3/19/08

I think this is one of the greatest songs of one of the greatest bands in the whole world.
The way in which Robert whispers some words....the tension it creates...I think this song is beautifully dark and mysterious.
And here, in Argentina, thereĀ“s a beautiful version made by a group called Cabezones.

Genius | Reviewer: Monkie | 3/16/08

So... this song is DEFF not suppose to be a lullaby.
In my opinion... It seems that the Spiderman is a girl or boy [w/e your preference], who preys on him.
Like a tease.
She's got him wrapped around her finger and is a heartbreaker.
Kinda like the song 'Man-Eater'-
'Ohhh, here she comes. Watch out boy, she'll chew you up'.
Whatever the meaning... Its a great song with a good melody.
And how many songs do you hear these days that have titles that don't even relate to the song?... TOO many.
Don't take things so literal, guys.

the point | Reviewer: <3Ganine(kid)<3 | 3/10/08

the point is the song is great...a lot of people love this song for several reasons...yeah, it's catchy and it's osm...the words are great aswell.....some words have two meanings and may never really know the meanings and you can asume all you like it for different reasons and you can argue all you want...but in the end it all comes down to the actual point...and the point is that this song is freaking osm...

great song | Reviewer: moo | 3/10/08

the melody to this song is brilliant, however, it is not a lullaby whatsoever. My guess is it's about someones father sexually abusing them before they're expected to sleep. If you seek comfort in this song you are clearly perverted.

Yay! | Reviewer: Zoe | 2/18/08

I love this song! Everyone is whining that 'it's a scary song!' and that 'it's not a lullaby!' But that completely bull shit. I would love this song as a lullaby. And, this song isn't REALLY a lullaby! Just because of the tittle doesn't make it that!