Ultimately a great band | Reviewer: Jonathan Elliott | 6/5/09

I have no doubt that the cure will long be remembered as one of the most creative forces in the music business during the time of their generation. I remember in the early days of Evolve, I listened to their music during the busiest hours of the day and they always made me think about the world and my place in it.
I am grateful to musicians of this quality.

lullaby.. a new fav. | Reviewer: chelle | 4/27/09

I think all the reviews on here are great. Everyone has there own interpertation on music...
I believe the song deplicts the story of an addicts drug detox/comedown. From the beginning where he says " on candystripe legs". Most know that students/people who work in hospitals that help with doc.s and nurses are known as "candystripers". And then the blissfully dead (druged) and the shivering in the bed lines is something you would see in a hospital or detox unit.
Spiderman being used as a metaphor to the withdrawls you go through during treatment I think is great metaphorical genius!
Any way, its a great tune as is most of if not all of The Cure songs are.
The beat is what i love the most. A song about addicts with an addicting beat!!! Genius!

Spiderman Come Eat Me, I am ready to exit | Reviewer: Atlbruh10 | 2/19/09

Long live The Cure. The greatest acoustic skills of any band ever....they have added life to the dark arts. Lullaby is a masterpiece, a marvel in the acoustic realm, please accept it for what it is. The song has a dark sullen acoustic monotone beat that came to life with dark masterfully written lyrics. It speaks to the dead, the dying, specifically those who are about to die...."death creeps closer to my bed." The dying are those who are suffering, from the hands of the evil, often loved ones. Don' t struggle Boy, I will only love you more.....

lullaby | Reviewer: the person below. | 2/16/09

huh. well, person above. I've read your reveiw and honestly i sort of agree with you more than i agree with myself. I was mostly reflecting the fact that everyone gets their own thing from literature and everyone is utterly convinced that their ideas are "the true meanings" when i said that. but also, i was seeing that happen in all the other reveiws and also seeing people who acted as if they knew robert's every motive behind each line as he wrote the song. I was merely stating that this song could mean nothing or everything and noone will ever really know except robert himself and anyone else who was involved with writing the thing but im pretty sure just robert. but you did make a good point.

Abuse and Death | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/09

The lyrics to this song have always suggested to me a theme of child abuse and, on a grander scale, the inevitability of death. To the person below who thinks one can "find anything in literature (or poetry or songwriting) if you look hard enough for it," I must disagree. One can only glean meaning from evidence within the work itself. The misconception that a piece of writing can mean anything the reader wishes is pervasive and unfortunate.

My interpretation of the song | Reviewer: Romain | 1/29/09

Having seen the video clip of Lullaby hundreds of times I can feel on my side that this this song reflects the deepest fears and anguishes of Robert.
Laying in his bed, pale face, he is watching his clock on the wall, unable to fall asleep, insomniac.
Unable to move from his bed, he cannot escape death which will come sooner or later, one day or another.
This song depicts our fears deep inside of us. Our attempt to soften these fears is to think about positive things, as a lullaby we sing to ourselves to relieve us.

At the time the video clip was released the rock critics were amazed and said : "look to this dying man!". Cure was granted a Brit award in 1990 for this song.

lullaby | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/09

its funny, becuase in the video he depicts himself as the spiderman. just thought that was intresting. and to everyone making speculations on the meaning of the song or lack thereof, you can find anything in literature (or poetry or songwriting) if you look hard enough for it.

just chattin | Reviewer: jose erensto | 1/16/09

ok i am a the cure fan (((( but not because i inpectionate every detail of their life )))) i considere my self a fan cause i just can stop hearing them i there be rarely song that idont wantto have on my itunes plus they are awesome but about this song ( one of my favorites) i could say with my word that smith mostly talk about the common fears of the kids in the nigt of theur rooms

an exmaple
1 the spider == to monster and creater who are scary

2== the part were the bed eat him is mostly about the common fact of the mosnter eating you

3== see thing getting closer
those are common thigns tha are seen when you having being tottaly freak out by your room

P.S. my opininon may differ

It works on many levels... | Reviewer: Cure me | 1/15/09

I think it's a combination of some childhood memory and a heroin comedown. The waking up shivering, and the sense of being eaten and followed that he sings about in the lyrics is very much like being in a heroin withdrawl or comedown.

The lyrics do have a very predatory nature and the music and vocals are very seductive... I guess this song works on multiple levels.
The lullaby is to soothe the loss of innocence - through drugs, through adulthood, through some traumatic experience... who knows.

for Get too know The Cure more! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/09

the person under me is retarded. people can be a fan of a band, or music and not have to know every detail of the artists life. artists create songs to be interpreted by the listener, they want the listener to hear something in the song and relate to it. to say these people arent true cure fans b/c they didnt know robert smith was a heroin addict and this song is about him coming down is just a ridiculous statement. get your own life

Get too know The Cure more! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/09

omfg, is everyone on this page retarded? no-one here (obviously) can put up their hand and call themself a cure fan at all. Or surely you would know Robert Smith was a heroine attict at this part of his career and the song was about a trip he had on a come-down on one occasion, he imagined a spider he say in his room eating him (as it is told in the lyrics)

The guy who said the thing about the uncle was on the right track because he's had a fear of spiders since his uncle use to scare him but theres just so much more to it...

Awesome. :D | Reviewer: Jes.Sick.A | 12/23/08

I have no idea about the history of this song - I am a very new Cure fan - but for me it paints a picture of sadism. Very thrilling and seductive, if the simile wasn't spiders and flies I think it could be vampires. I may write a Yuugiou songfic to this.
Sexy and twisted... I love it. >D

What Smurf Thinks | Reviewer: Smurf | 12/16/08

You only have to look at the words to realise that the song is sung from a childs perspective, and that the song is the childs lullaby.

And if you really need it spelling out:-

"don't struggle like that or i will only love you more", i.e. I [the attacker] will only be more brutal

"and i know that in the morning i will wake up
in the shivering cold", which is painting a picture of the terrible conditions, both mnentally and physically, that the child is living in, and

"and the spiderman is always hungry...", which tells of the constant abuse that this child, and many children in reality, suffer from their abusers.

It is a very dark song, but truly amazing.

Robert and Siouxsie's songs, intertwined? | Reviewer: Leelachan | 10/12/08

Robert Smith said in an interview that the song was about a story his uncle told him as boy to scare him. Siouxsie and the Banshee's "Candyman" was about her rape/molestation experience as a child. The two aren't intertwined and there really was no social movement the two bands were trying to achieve.

controversial? | Reviewer: ousia | 10/7/08

... to all the ones saying there is no hidden ideas in this... you're not a fan of the Cure are you? This was a backslap at the time both around the movement as it was around mr Smith and miss Siouxie of the banshees just go see her "candy man" and get your ideas out this song was clearly about abuse if you see most of the lyrics from the two, you'll clearly see what the movement was socially saying this is part of the punk heritage the political content...