Heroin addict | Reviewer: nikolai samarin | 8/3/13

This is a fabulous song, I listen to it all the time, amazingly beautiful, especially with the brass instruments! This song is not about Rape or Sexual Abuse, this is strictly a song about Heroin addiction, nothing more and nothing less! All of these Genius song writers are so brilliant but lack the social morays due to their upbringings. You would never see Taylor Swift slamming dope, their is a contrast and comparison here to study!

Song about child molestation | Reviewer: M | 4/18/13

Robert said this song is about his uncle, and how he always enjoyed scaring him when he was a little boy.
My theory is that this uncle maybe abused him as well. And the song is about that.

Darkly beautiful lullaby | Reviewer: Alex | 4/16/13

The spider man can stand for a lot of things-abuse, addiction , depression, etc.
However, due to the lyrics ( particularly '"be still be calm be quiet now my precious boy don't struggle like that or i will only love you more"'), my interpretation of this song is that it is about childhood sexual abuse or rape, most likely perpetrated by someone close to the speaker. However, it is one of those songs which can be interpreted in many ways, which is what makes it such a great song, aside from its beauty as a piece of music. The Cure are simply a great band.

My "Lullaby" almost every night | Reviewer: Carla Norwood | 3/29/13

I LOVE this song. When I lay down for sleep; put my ear phones on and relax to this sweet but erotic music and lyrics. I float with the music and free my mind from anything else. No drugs are included.

Disintegration album | Reviewer: walter | 3/11/13

This song is more open to our interpretations, Robert Smith has always been the biggest bullshitter in music and openly joked about the songs sexual themes but its more like a playful messing with your head, he was abusing the hell out of what i assume was Dph or Dmh or something, or both, my friends claim to see spiders and the hat man who comes through the window and smiles at you. I personally interpret this song with increasing paranoia due to all the drugs,Addiction, heartbreak, and increasing mental instability all playing parts in the Disintegration of a person.

Anime | Reviewer: Nightmare | 5/26/12

Okay, I like the song...But, one thing -

I can only see Claude Faustus from Kuroshitsujii(Black Butler) II when I listen to it!

Its fits him PERFECTLY. He's a gay, pedophile spider.

Anyway...The lyrics are good, and the song is good.

Wen wil god 4give adam 4 d apple he it | Reviewer: Jon d mefor | 5/12/12

In life someone ned to be focus what ever assinment taks in life dat is be fal in u, u stil ned wilsdom, love, hope ,happiness al in one poket if peopel is leaning to love one another there were be no wahala be/cos me is to luv man /woman no matter what . i may be good to u but d next man iam not good to him my advice is lean to luv who luvs u so dat blessing wil come to me /u , from eneg jon d mefor thank u so much (luv u all)

just love it | Reviewer: Joanna | 3/31/12

Lullaby is a fantastic complilation of music, brilliantly presented. I read it is about Robert being molested as a child by his dad, or that it is when Robert is on drugs. I can emagine both situations, sadly. Non the less it is a brilliant piece of music, both mystifying and scary, just brilliant!!

Sofia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/12

Amazing song! When I'm listening it I've got goosebumps...I think there is also something sexual within this song - in a good way, of course...Something that you could not explain with words, something that makes you excited.

I thought I was the only one | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/11

black_dahlia thanks for that little trivia. I have been thinking that the song must have had something to do with being raped. Knowing that such a thing happened to Robert Smith just makes the song so much darker, and I appreciate it more now that Robert Smith was actually trying to give us a glimpse of him and this horrible thing he went through.

No truer word said | Reviewer: Rudderpull | 8/27/11

Its my song, all about me!I'm currently lying in a hospital bed, getting over the effects of the necrotising venom of a Chilean Recluse Spider!(Top End/NT/Northern Australia)
Thank you Robert, I'll work out the chords, then sing and play it for all, once my wrist is better!
Yes! I was bitten in bed, when I rolled over, after the spider had wandered over my face!
She was a beautiful colour of dark/light orange and I let her live for another day!
Now, I just need The Cure....

Awesomeness! | Reviewer: Stephany C. | 5/30/11

Wow! This song is so amazing, there are no words to discribe this song. The video is so good because despite it being scary it's also melancholic at the same time. I know this sounds weird , but i love listening to this song when i'm by myself, it gives the song a better meaning.

The Cure(Greates Ever) | Reviewer: Ashhad | 7/29/10

This is song sounds sad. Everything is perfect The lyrics, the guitar notes, drumming, base guitaring, keyboards etc... Its like and ulitmate combination(Composition) My most favorite band ever. listen to its fascination street awesome stuff...

One of their best ever | Reviewer: Fabiano | 3/3/10

The Cure has a long career and in all the decades they have been producing good music there have been many great songs in their abums (Killing an Arab, Boys Don't Cry, A Forest, Other Voices, Close to Me, A Letter to Elise), but few of them could compare to "Lullaby", not only because the song is musically perfect, but mainly because the lyrics are far more profound than the average Robert Smith's lyrics...

This is one of the best songs of all time.

DonĀ“t be funny... | Reviewer: MulenEx | 2/4/10

It really is a sad song and Robert Smith wrote it when he was getting over his drug addictions and this nightmare/hallucination endlessly repeated over and over.... Has a bit psychedelic and scary sound which in addition to whispering makes it so creepy.