Wow, lyrics.. | Reviewer: Aisha | 1/17/10

I love this song so much, the strumming and sound most of all. I only just read the lyrics for the first time, and they really affected me. It feels like my stomache is twisting a little. But, ofcourse, i still really love this song. The Cure is genius.

My view is.. | Reviewer: Jaymie Cain Steele | 1/9/10

This song really reminds me of being in a hospital bed if you read the lyrics and you feel like you're stuck there can't do anything, go anywhere or move and that you just have to wait for the doctors to come and examine you day after day.

Amazing | Reviewer: black_dahlia | 1/10/10

In an interview, Robert Smith stated that this song was about him being sexually molested buy his father. The whole song really effects you when you think of it in that sense; the music, the whispers and the fear created. An amazingly perfect song

Lullaby | Reviewer: ,Layla | 12/16/09

To me it means more like the contrast between the safeness(does this word exists? forgive me I'm italian) of the bedroom and the violation of it by the spiderman, that represents the two sides of what "home" is to us: a comfortable and safe place, but even our prison if we can't let go of it to discover the world. At least that's how I like to interpret it.

multiple meanings | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/09

Songs have usually got multilayered meanings, so yes, it is about abuse, about paratroposphere, and a wonderful invention about a gloomy atmosphere of arachnophobia, all togheter, at different levels.

about the meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/09

Well, to me the song is about the "paratroposfera", which is a place where the souls of some dead people go. Like in the movies "Sixth Sense" or "The others"....some people die and they don't realize. They stay in a dimension, a mental state, in which all their fears and mental images como to life, in which resembles hell. So that's what musicians reflect in their music sometimes, as they come from there and deep inside they kinda miss that "place". The theory about sleep paralysis - or "catalepsia" - relates to this and makes sense, as the allucinations are in fact real souls that approach you when in that state.

Classic song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/09

This song brings back memories of listening to music alone in my room late at night with the black light on, wallowing in my own dismal melancholic mood whilst contemplating the meaning of life. The song is actually based on a reoccurring nightmare of Robert Smith's. Disintegration is a musical master piece that shall be remembered through the ages, not at all like the cheap rubbish that is overplayed on today's radio waves. That should be enough ranting for me today.

the song gives me relief from real world | Reviewer: | 11/7/09

I dont know what the song actually meant for or written based on whatever grounds. But the song really makes me feel good when I am really being stressful from the world we live in. I dont even really trying to understand the lyrics. Even though I am not a musician, I can really appreciate the art The Cure has created here. The music was beautifully played and the singer, Robert Smith sang the song perfectly. It just makes my heart and soul float with this song everytime I listen...

BEAUTIFULL | Reviewer: STEVER | 11/2/09

i just heard this song yesterday for the first time , and i have not stop hearding it. it must have been on my itunes on repeat for the past 8 hours. its amazing , to me it means a lot of things . but most to tha gurl of my dreams . it makes me form a tear , and i dont know why . i love this song

Fucking Spiderman | Reviewer: Sammy | 10/31/09

haha i love how everyone is overanalyzing it into rape and child buse. personally, i think the song is about him having sex with spiderman..... i mean come on people, maybe the lyrics are just telling the truth, not some hidden meaning behind it ;)

best song ever | Reviewer: not lullaby | 9/25/09

this is the best song the cure ever made, they're nothing these days, by the way, but who cares?
lullaby is definitely a song about fears, i love the melody, i think it's a perfect masterpiece.
i also want to congratulate everyone for their interpretation of its lyrics, music makes the people come together so it's fabulous to read about other people's opinions

I think... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/09

To me the lyrics of this song are reflecting the phobias and insecurities we all have and maybe sometimes the feeling of despair in problems we may encounter in our life. It reflects the numbing sensation, the psychological paralysis you feel in times like these which only gets worse when you go to bed and all the thoughts flow into your head. And maybe when you wake up, if you sleep at all, in the morning, you find that the problems are still there. So I believe the spiderman is really your other, negative self, who takes over in times of despair, and you are trying to fight it away. It does make sense if you think it this way.

predator | Reviewer: star | 7/17/09

the melody of the song is soo beautiful, yet the lyrics are so disturbing. my interpretation of the lyrics is that the victim is dreading the recurring sexual abuse by the spiderman. the lines "be still be calm be quiet now my precious boy don't struggle like that or i will only love you more
for it's much too late to get away or turn on the light
the spiderman is having you for dinner tonight", convinced me of my suspicion. i guess robert only knows.

My opinion for Lullaby | Reviewer: weirdo | 7/16/09

Masterpiece!!I really think that the hero (I don't say Robert, because a song usually refers to all people who have a common experience),while he was a child, was being abused by someone, perhaps also raped.The spiderman crawling to his bed is probably someone who "visits" every night and takes what is most precious to everybody, their childhood and innocence.
"don't struggle like that or i will only love you more" means probably that it doesn't matter if he tries to get away from this situation, he wont make it. And really often, when a child confesses that is being abused, people don't believe it. Anyway it's nice to see that there so many people who try to interpretate what they are listening to and not just listen to music superficially.=D

Its sleep paralysis | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/09

To me the songs meaning isnt about a heroin comedown or childhood fear.
Its about sleep paralysis, its a rare occurance that happens to some unlucky people, Its where your mind wakes up while your body is still asleep. It causes very vivid hallucinations, often disturbing (Its the reason for most alien abduction stories) This song is most likely about the time he got sleep paralysis and the video could be a literal representation of what he saw. I think that explanations makes the most sense in my opinion ... Correct me if im wrong about anything