A review of Lovesong | Reviewer: thatemobitchinthecorner | 11/26/10

This song is heartfelt. It makes you feel euphoric or melancholy, whole or empty, in love or out of love. The notes suggest it could go for either of those. It could be applied to most any love situations, and that is what makes it such a beautiful and transcending song. You could listen to it at anytime that you are unlucky or lucky and it will apply itself.

A miningful song | Reviewer: Marlene Valencia | 7/2/10

This is one of my favorite songs from The Cure, I personally love how Robert Smith writes. He's such a great writer, love'im!
This song portraits a lot...
It's pretty sad, but definitely has a good meaning.
It reminds me of my boyfriend and I, somewhat.

Thanks for making such a great song! <3

A special song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/09

This song is one of the true greats of the modern music era. It has several special qualities that make it most memorable. Timeless subject matter. A tune that is simultaneously very melancholy and extremely beautiful. A very dreamy guitar break. Nice bass line. An honest, yearning vocal. Bravo to Robert Smith and company for this one, it is one for the ages.

Pure love | Reviewer: anonymous2 | 1/7/08

Somebody just dedicated me this song..It is sooo romantic...We can't be together but our souls were made for each other.. Deep inside I know that someday we will be together forever!.....Love you Lofe...

Love Lovesong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/07

I love this song too for similar reasons as anonymous of 9/22/07. The one woman I loved, intensely, also died in a car crash. I always think of how life was before that event.

Love Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/07

It's the most amazing song I think I've ever heard.
It was me and my first love/boyfriend's song.
One of them at least.
We used to sing it to each other alot,
even after we broke up...
We both still listened to this song...
and thats how we knew it would never be over...
He died in a car crash a couple of months ago.
This song takes me back to when my life meant something.

greatness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/07

this song idk what to say its just great a song worth listening to 80 times and each time it will still be great