Beautiful song! One of The Cure's best... | Reviewer: Danielle | 5/25/12

This is a stunning song. It's actually about a girl losing her virginity to the narrator of the song, then finding the hyped-up experience of sex disappointing, just like the celestial event they are both witnessing.

love the layering of sounds. | Reviewer: Commissioner. | 7/15/08

I really love this song, it begins with the sound of the sea, and a palming of a percussionist's taborine. The bass/guitar/6 string bass and keys start up in unision, at 0:56 Simon flows up the scale (sounds to me like a gibson thunderbird through ampeg tube)it gives me a uplifting smile cuz i play it so loud, and curious repeat of it.
Robert sings these words beuitifuly, thoughts of him, and thought and words of her. it makes me feel it mighta been the first time, you know. ghost echo's, nice touch.