Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/13

I heard this song at Austin City Limits, it was surreal, it was hot all day and when The Cure came on the weather started changing and when they played "From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea" a cold front came in. It's like they caused this phenomenom and the music was haunting and dragging me into world pain and euphoria, I did not want leave this new world, I just let myself go and gave in to this great experience, thank you Robert Smith, you are a genious.

Agree it's about a love like an addiction | Reviewer: Clark | 12/13/12

This song and The Same Deep Water as You from Disintegration absolutely tell the story of my love and addiction for the wrong girl. Having someone love you unconditionally but being drawn to someone else that is wrong and constantly hurts you.

Just as I'm breaking free, she hangs herself... exactly how my relationship was with this woman.

In love with this song, and him... | Reviewer: Terri | 10/21/10

This song embodies everything for me...for 15 years this song has been our anthem..."you and me alone, a secret kiss..."

Come back to me. Please open your eyes and see me here, waiting for you, my love.

FridayImInLove | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/10

This, as I see it, is a song about Robert loving one girl, but having another one loving him, and since he doesn't wanna let her down, he lies to her, looking for an opportunity to make it all right, but somehow gets caught in it.

Most wonderful Cure song | Reviewer: Gabi | 4/10/10

It's the most powerful song I've ever heard. So precious, so fragile, so powerful... It's everything at the same time. It has some special moments, for example when Robert says: "Put your hands in the sky" (it is like some kind of mystic sentence in which you belong to God (I'm not a believer but I feel sthing strange when he says that)), "hold me like this for a hundred thousand million days" is the most beautiful set of words you can say to your partner, isn't it? Simply exceptional. At the end of the song I feel tired, I feel like the singer is me and I'm exhausted after a very long live show or whatever.
That's what I feel when I listen to this song, PERFECT FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END!

An addiction | Reviewer: Krissie | 11/26/09

for me, this song is about having an addiction to someone who is not right for you. And you know it, but just can't stop, because they do something for you in the moment. When you know you need to stop, because they break your heart over and over and over, but you can't. Because this person is like a drug. I am madly in love with someone that I have wanted for ten long years now. He is my drug and I am an addict. This song is the exact way I feel for this man. and, I know I need to stop...

Moves Me To Tears | Reviewer: Phil | 10/26/09

There are quite a few songs which can move me to tears but this one does it almost every time. The music is perfect, with its catchy, overlaid melodies so typical of Robert Smith's song writing and lyrics which describe pain, anguish and love in epic and heart-wrenching fashion.

Oh, and a note to 'Crooked': This song has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with King Henry VIII, who famously had six wives. None of them hung themselves, although he did behead two of them. If you listen properly the lyric in the song has nothing to do with anyone literally being hanged, it's describing the woman he's trying to break free from seducing him again.

History revisted | Reviewer: Crooked | 2/14/09

This is another Cure song that took it's inspiration from history and literature. "Killing an Arab" came from the wonderful (but short) book "The Stranger".

This song has it's origins in an English King.

I want to say it's based on King Henry the 8th, but I may be wrong. It was based on the king that killed seven of his wives, and this song is a direct reference to it. She hung herself in front of him.

It makes this piece even more haunting than it already is. Good stuff, but it's a shame that it will never be heard by most people as it's too long for radio!

Intense | Reviewer: Heather | 12/8/08

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard. Like Mikael said, it's the variation and the interweaving of those traits that make it. I'm always drawn to very intense music and this song just yanks your heart out of your chest. One of the things that really amazes me- when I listen to the intro, as the layers of musical elements build, it sounds (to me at least) evocative of ocean related sounds - (not in order) ships clanging/banging into docks & one another - seagulls, waves, almost even a foghorn. I'm interested if anyone else can hear these things... But it's impressive to me that they are able to convey that atmosphere with instruments, not obvious sound effects. It's hauntingly beautiful but very intense and gripping at the same time. I love Fascination Street, Disintegration, Doing the Unstuck, Open, End, so many others (everything on Show), but this song exemplifies what The Cure is, incredibly talented musicality and unavoidable emotional invasion. And I just love that they can be so heavy and so sad and catchy and intense all at once in a way that essentially showcases the talent of the individual artists/musicians. I've even got my 65 year old mom listening to them...

One last song before you die - this is it | Reviewer: Mikael Kyrklund | 1/29/08

Prisoners are always allowed to pick one last meal but wouldn't it be more giving to pick one last song? I rate Cure as one of the top three band ever but for me the first two will always be Depeche and most of all - Morrissey.

Apparantly Robert and Moz hates eachother but who cares?, Robert has written the best song ever, my future wife had never heard much of Cure when we met, but after two hours in the bathtub with The edge... on repeat she relized that I was her man and that this song would never be beaten.

The brilliance of it is it's variation, it's violent, sensitive, brutal, honest and most of all moving, no one with a heart and soul can resist this song, listen to it and feel a bit more alive, isn't that what art should be about?

Amazing | Reviewer: Anon | 1/25/08

This song embodies what I really love about The Cure - the raw unfettered emotion that anyone (in touch with his or herself) can't help but be completely drawn to and hypnotized by.

amazing | Reviewer: trepotts | 11/14/07

my favorite song of all time ever by anyone. tugs at my emotions violently whenever I listen to it. no song I know of still produces as strong a feeling within me as this. I consider pornography the cure's "best" album, but wish is definitely my -favorite- album and this is definitely my favorite song.

Interesting... | Reviewer: Anthony Woods | 8/23/07

I never thought of it as being "possibly the best Cure song ever." I know it stood out a mile on the album it which it appeared. But, you might be right, in that it is better than anything on Disintegration. That statement itself is pretty mind-blowing - I never realised it before. But still, doesn't Head on the Door still stand as the high water mark? Can this song really stand up to all of these?

"In Between Days" – 2:57
"Kyoto Song" – 4:16 produced by Smith, Allen and Howard Gray
"The Blood" – 3:43
"Six Different Ways" – 3:18
"Push" – 4:31 produced by Smith, Allen and Gray
"The Baby Screams" – 3:44
"Close to Me" – 3:23
"A Night Like This" – 4:16
"Screw" – 2:38
"Sinking" – 4:57

Trip to the edge of the deep green sea | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/07

This is possibly the best Cure song ever. I've been listening to the cure since Faith. This one song blows away anything on Disintegration. It is a swirling, harrowing, beautiful song. One of the most powerful songs ever, by anyone. If you think Stairway to Heaven is a trip, listen to this. You will be changed forever. As a post above said, it will blow your mind.

Up there with their best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/07

The Cure have written some good songs & some Epics. This is an Epic. Though essentially a love song it is as existential & heavy as any of their 'Heavy' songs. A great grinding trip to the essential.